Friday, December 31, 2010

113. (Wrapping it up)

2010 was a good year for me. It was the year I finally had the gall to open my blog and start communicating in the blog-o-sphere. I am forever grateful for starting... the blogger community is amazing. It's also the year I also went out of my comfort zone in style and tried new things. The year I moved out of our condo and bought a house with my mom. The year I finally decided what to do with my life in University. The year I got a pug.

What have I learned in 2010:

  • Don't be scared of prints.
  • Don't trust people on Facebook especially if they're a co-worker. (I got in trouble at work for saying a nasty status about someone. Of course it got mis-construed...)
  • Life is hard but with effort it is rewarding.
  • Being nice is better than being a bitch.
  • I learned to realise that the judgements and actions I've done have hurt or will hurt people and that it's wrong. I've definitely grown as a person and I'm very proud of it.

In closing, 2010 was a good year.

So in this post it's my top 10 outfits of the year that I liked. No order.

My first outfit post ever of course I had to add this! I love the mustard shirt I wear I just wish I can find other ways to properly sport it.

Honourary mention:

Why? Because I think I look great in it and it caused a lot of controversy because I was ~SHOWING LEG~ and it was ~TOO SHORT~, lol, FUCK the haters. ;) This year I learned to laugh at insecure people and hateful people as well and not take comments so seriously.

My resolutions for 2011:

  • Wake up earlier.
  • Try harder in school.
  • Wear EVERYTHING in my closet. Sell/dispose (donate) everything that I don't wear.

Happy new years everyone! Regular updates will resume next week. I'm still in Quebec and obviously I have nothing to do tonight. Celebrations for me will be tomorrow.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

112. (Merry Christmas!)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas this year! Here's some snippets from our day today. Tomorrow will be a day of... SHOPPING! Going Boxing Day shopping at Rideau Centre in Ottawa tomorrow, then on Monday I'm heading to Laval.

Top China | Skirt Winners | Belt Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Forever 21

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the rest of your Christmas... and happy Boxing day!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

111. (Cozy!)

Can you believe it? It's Christmas in a few days. Tomorrow, I embark on an airplane to go to Quebec! (Yes, I know, I keep mentioning it but seriously. SHOPPING TIMES IN MONTREAL! Woo hoo!) Anyway...

Top and Boots Evans | Pants GabiG Korea via eBay | Scarf F21

I bought some stuff from Evans and I'm just gonna give a little review. For those who don't know Evans, they're a UK company who offers plus size clothes. A lot of their stuff is really cute and on trend, at least in my opinion. There's some who complain it's too edgy or too frumpy, but it's not the case for me.

My boyfriend bought me two pairs of boots for my birthday present last month. This is one of them. It's REALLY comfortable and if you have really big calves I don't know if it'll fit too great. I have 18 inch calves and they're the right amount of snug worn with my knit black pants. Also, on the website, it looks a lot more of a lighter brown than in person. It's kind of a milk-chocolate colour instead of the cognac colour I was expecting. But oh well, it's still pleasant.

I also got this oversized top from Evans. I LOVE IT. Right length for me and I love oversized baggy stuff. I don't care if people tell me it's a tent or whatever. Seriously, screw the "rules" for plus size women. Fashion shouldn't be about rules and it should be about wearing whatever you want to make a statement.

I posted on the Evans FB wall with one of my pictures recently and apparently it offended people because I was *GASP* wearing SUCH a short hemline! The thread in question is here and it still brings me a good laugh. How ironic it is that the ones who are most fatphobic are some of the people who are fat themselves or plus sized! How baffling and hypocritical. Instead of taking big leaps forward to fat acceptance these kinds of people bring it many steps backwards. Disappointing, pitiful, but I digress.

Anyway! I'm still not done packing. :( I gotta continue to pack. But I just wanted to share my outfits and my thoughts on the FA community.

To end this entry, here's my nails. I love 'em. I used Joe Fresh Mint varnish and topped it with Nicole by OPI "Have a Heart" topcoat and glitter. Look at the little hearts! Hehe.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

110. (Librarian Chic)

Did I ever tell you guys that I got another extra part-time job on my campus? I'm a library assistant! I felt like a total librarian in this outfit, despite the pink skirt being so outrageous. I never noticed how sheer it was until these pictures. Yikes! Yes, I also realise the tights are riding down. That's because as I mentioned, it's WAY too big for me. Eesh.

Top Tucker for Target | Skirt ASOS | Tights Forever 21+ | Shoes Forever 21 | Glasses | Belt Thrifted | Ring Forever 21 | Lipstick Joe Fresh, Watermelon.

Nothing too big today. Did some shopping (I bought Fresh Pharmacy? Is that what it's called?) and bought some facial soap from Lush. It does wonders for my skin. I also asked for a sample of the BIG shampoo before I go on and splurge on it. I love the people at Lush, they're so nice! I also scored some work-out shorts at Old Navy for $1.97 each! TOTAL STEAL. I totally bought 5. Yes, I am lame. They're also good for sleeping in them too! Hee. Added to that, I did some grocery shopping and such.

Speaking of food, I have a question to my readers. Would my readers prefer all my recipe and restaurant review/food related stuff on my food blog? Or should I amalgamate the two here? I always wanted to focus my posts on my outfits and my love of clothing but I find food kind of intertwines here, don't you think?

I'm off to wrap presents now. And clean. Then cook some peanut-tofu stir-fry. Yummy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey everyone! I have two versions of the same (almost) outfit today. Well for one, I wore one to go out with my dad and brother (the cat sweater look) and then at night I fancied it up a bit to go out with the boyfriend (and brother) to sushi and a movie. I quite enjoyed my day even if I was a bit of a sour-puss. (I was just really grouchy today for some reason.)

Top Vintage | Skirt ASOS | Tights The Bay | Shoes Thrifted | Jewelry Forever 21


Yes I know my nail polish is chipping, how un-classy!

This one I wore to go out with my dad and brother early this afternoon. It's not much honestly, but I felt like documenting it. I like the little lace from my top poking through the ASOS cat shirt.

Sweater and Skirt ASOS | Lace top Vintage | Shoes Thrifted | Tights The Bay

I also love my hair in these photos. Gives them a nice sheen! Apparently some people don't like my hair... and that I should keep it natural and side bangs! Ha, whatever. I really like my hair and I don't really care what the snarkers think of my hair if it (and I quote loosely) "It's disgusting" and "horrible". Seriously, before people go insulting my hair I think the snarkers should kindly supply me with a photograph of your ~luscious~ hair so I can get a good comparison on how mine is so flipping horrible! Hah.

Sorry for the snark, I'm really grouchy today and annoyed. I just can't take people seriously (as in actually following through peoples' backhanded so called advice!) when I can't even see if they're a credible person to even follow. For all I know they could be bald or have fried and "horrible disgusting" hair themselves.

Enough bitterness though, I'm going to an exhibit tomorrow with friends. Then gift wrapping. Then packing (because next week I will be busy) and then my trip to Eastern Canada! (Well just Quebec and Ottawa and Montreal) for some holiday fun for two weeks. So excited. I'll still be blogging then! Since I'm staying with my boyfriends family for Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

106. (Stripes, Polkadots and Capes)

Okay. So here's what happened and I am still really kind of unhappy. FIRST OF ALL, I have no idea how I did on my final I did today. The stress was killing me. HAHA. Well it's over now but I have a minor test to do in astronomy, but still... and yes, that is me using my macbook at a restaurant. SO WHAT PEOPLE DO IT THERE ALL THE TIME. and it's like right across campus so I could use the internet to go through my course material. I studied like 2 weeks for this exam, guys, and I still feel like a failure. Haha, hopefully I do good.

Here's what I ate with my boyfriend:

My boyfriend got the bibimbap ... yes, this is a Korean restaurant if you guys must know.

I got soon-dobu chigae. I finished every tofu morsel in that soup. So. Good.

Side dishes! My favourites are the kong-namul (beansprouts) and the glazed potatoes!

It looks like sushi but it's actually kimbap, a seaweed and rice roll. Tastes different, looks the same. While sushi is more sour-sweet because of the sugar-vinegar mixture, the rice in kimbap is seasoned with sesame seed oil. We had cheese kimbap. It usually consists of egg but my boyfriend is allergic so no egg here, folks!

Top Zara | Skirt F21 | Cardigan Gap, thrifted. | Belt and Red brogues Thrifted | Beret H &M | Cape Thrifted | Tights The Bay

So here's the outfit I wore to eat out with bf, study, and do my exam (in a beautiful convocation hall though!) and then go get some coffee afterwards with bf.

And here's the cape I wore with it. What a horrible picture. It doesn't do it justice at all. :( That's our shed in the background, by the way.

Also you may have noticed I got new glasses. I got them from Clearly Contacts and you can still buy them for the low price of 68 dollars. Well, it's not really THAT low but it's good for an awful prescription like mine.

Lastly here's my nails. I painted them with a base colour of red from Joe Fresh and then Nicole by Opi Tinsel colour. I forgot what it's called but it's glittery. I love the result! Oh and the ring is from Forever 21

I'm off to play some Nintendo DS now. :) Sorry if this is too much pictures! I love my posts to be rich with pictures hehe.