Monday, April 19, 2010

006. Another update...

Hello readers! I hope you're not tired of me yet! As promised, trying to keep a daily outfit post if possible! :p  I studied all day then my boyfriend surprised me with a sushi date and afterwards we went out to Dairy Queen. (oh sweet, sweet suicide, heart attack! haha.) Now I'm back at home procrastinating studying and well, posting this!

Blazer Thrifted | Shirt Zara | Necklaces Forever 21 and my mom | Skirt eBay | Shoes Thrifted

I opted for heels but I wanted something comfortable... they have an ultra low heel but you really can't see on the pictures but they're definitely not flats. :(
As for the blazer, gosh, when I found this at Goodwill I had to have it. It was calling out for me and for 5,00$ how could you say no?

The shoes were only 5,00$ at the thrift store as well. I loved the colour and the low heel so I had to buy it too, of course!

I'm pretty happy with this outfit. This outfit cost less than 50,00$ and it's very thrift-friendly and affordable for any college student, in my opinion. You can never have too many blazers and shoes, I tell you! I'm addicted.


  1. hmm i definitely need to get some blazers :s this one looks great on you, such a great red!

  2. Love the blazer!!Great look!xxx

  3. You know what? I like you! Ou j'aurais pu dire que j'aime ton blog puisque tu parle francais! And love those shoes by the way!!

    Loads of love from Montreal

  4. Thank you for the comment!

    I love this look! The blazer is great. I always have a hard time wearing blazers, but you totally rock them!

  5. this is def a kick ass blazer! :D SEXY STUFF right there!

  6. Pretty outfit, love great secondhand finds! :D

  7. i soooo want a red blazer! i love this on u!!


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