Tuesday, April 27, 2010

013. (What's in a bag?)

Since Allison from Curvy Girl Chic and Jennifer from Jasifer Lions Club did this bag post, I decided to jump the bandwagon.

The Bag is a Zara taupe leather messenger-kind of bag. It's really roomy and I can fit my life in there, literally.

Dog and boyfriend not included, lol!

A closer look..

From left to right:

Top: Thrifted makeup bag: Covergirl mascara, Taiwanese roll-on eye shimmer, some eyeshadow, eye shadow brush; Epipen (for the boyfriend, he has horrible allergies to peanuts, eggs and kiwis *tear*); Pink netbook (with a Miles Edgeworth background, nonetheless, to solidify my geekdom); Bath and Bodyworks Vanilla sugar hand sanitizer; Guess Wallet; Forever 21 Coin purse.

Bottom: Sticky pads in shape of stilletos (lol); D&G glasses case for my other set of glasses; pen and pencil; Keys with Hello Kitty keychain; Hershey's Bliss chocolate; Nikon DSLR; Comb and a Bugs bunny napkin case. Yup.

Not pictured: My pink Nintendo DS lite. Yup, I was playing with it while taking a pic, lol! I'm always gaming while I'm waiting for something (like food LOL.) Also, my cellphone which is a crappy clamshell LG phone with a Hello Kitty charm anyway. Yeah, I like Hello Kitty... have been loving it since I was a wee lass, LOL.

This is the bag I typically use but I switch bags around so often, so... but this is the bag I predominantly use for University and running around.

In other news, I was going to buy this skirt from CarmaKoma since it was on sale, but Gabi sold me hers! I saved 20,00$ and I'm super happy, lol! Thanks Gabi.


  1. booo! prosecutors! it's all about defense attorneys for the win!

    my ds lite is pink too!

  2. LOL. Omg, you play Ace Attorney?! HAHA. Nice. :P

  3. gazel! i may have to steal this idea myself. i used to post in in_my_purse on lj a lot. anyways, cute purse and contents! everything seems to match. also, i totally didn't even notice your sleeping bf there, hahahaha!

  4. Haha I did this post too, bag posts are so fun :D I love being nosey and finding out what others carry ;) xx

  5. Cute bag and omg! I want one of those tiny laptops too!! and it's piink, I'm so jealous :P *hugz*

  6. aawwww! u have the cutest stuff! cute stuff for a cute girl! ;-)


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