Tuesday, May 25, 2010

033. (Red Lips)

Went out for a job interview despite not feeling very well. (Sinuses, ugh.. and fever?) But I managed to take meds and I'm good to go! I was at my dads the whole weekend and I didn't pack any clothes that was OOTD worthy there anyway.

Top ASOS Main Range | Skirt CarmaKoma | Shoes, Belt and Clutch Thrifted | Ring Costa Blanca

I contest that the best outfits for my eyes are the ones done in panic and a rush. I grabbed the nearest top and skirt and worked from there.

My hair is actually naturally wavy, as seen here and I just tied it up in a messy bun. While I was in my mothers accessory room I tried on some of her red lipstick and I felt really... pretty in it, haha!

I accessorized with simple accessories, red shoes and such and so forth! The red shoes, btw, are the most comfortable wedges I have ever OWNED. It was really hard to capture a picture because of the wind and the shadows. Oh, what will I do once the winter months roll in? Hm.

Shortly after though when lunch rolled in I rubbed off the lipstick as it was staining my food. Haha! I'm actually going to make an entry about it on my food blog but here's some teaser pictures.


  1. I think this has been my favorite outfit of yours so far! Love the skirt and I have the same asos top! So cute and love the pop of red! <3


  2. Lovin the red shoes and lips!
    oooo and yummy looking food!


  3. when I grow up I wanna be as cute as you. except I'm older than you so that doesn't work LOL. But you look so good in this outfit.

  4. you look adorable! Cute shoes, and i love your ring! =]

    -Christina <3

  5. Love the red lipstick on you.

    I am a fan of lipstick, it can really change an outfit, but I am always rubbing it off so that I can kiss my husband and eat food without i getting everywhere.

    I hope you feel better soon. sinus sickness twins!

  6. Hi love! First of all, amazing outfit again! The ring kills me, I loooooove it! I know you probably already got it but I just gave you a sugar doll award, just click here to have all the infos :


    Great style really!!
    Hugz & kissez

  7. aw. so pretty... yes especially with the red lips.

    hope the interview went well for you, besides not feeling well.

  8. you look so glam!!! love the pop of red in your lips and shoes!!! super chic! :D

  9. oh gazel! i just love this outfit and the lipstick is like the icing on the cake! ure adorable hun! xoxo!

  10. I love the lip color and the shoes. Very cute!

  11. The skirt is turning out to be really versatile for you! Very chic outfit, especially with the red lipstick!

  12. that's like thee cutest outfit EVER! you look adorable <333

  13. magnifique !!!!!!! j'aime non j'adore même


  14. I love the stripes and the red shoe! Super cute.

  15. Super tenue meme si je suis pas trop pour les marinière , l'ensemble donne tres bien.


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