Tuesday, August 31, 2010

067. (Summer's coming to an end.)

Tomorrow is September, which means August is officially over. In Winnipeg, the summer is already done. The warm weather is non-existant and is replaced by rain and cold winds. Part of me is sad and part of me is happy. Yay for fall fashion and layering! Boo to the horrendous weather to come. It was a bit chilly today so I decided to take out my taupe silk batwing jacket I scored at a thrifting haul a few months back for $3!

Silk Jacket Thrifted | Shirt Some random store in the mall, now closed. | Skirt ASOS Curve | Belt Thrifted | Socks H&M | Shoes Thrifted

I am totally digging the colours right now. Bring on the gray, taupe, brown and blacks! I'm quite frankly kind of over overly bright colours...

I hadn't realised I had a stain on my shirt. I'm going to try and get rid of it but if it's not going, it's going away. :( I've had this shirt since I was 13, lol!

I love these shoes and socks combo!

Also, personal wise, I have a job now... well I always did, but now I have more hours at said job, which means more $$$!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

063. (Pastel Blues)

Keeping it girly today with this outfit. This dress is from ASOS curve, I got it on the sale for 10,00$ ish.. good deal. It's feminine, cute and summery. I paired it with some white accessories. I'm also debuting one of my other satchels, I love it!

Dress ASOS Curve | Belt Reitmans | Cardigan Pacific Mall | Wedges Thrifted | Bag Wholesale-dress.

My satchel. :)

I've been feeling down lately. I went out with my boyfriend for some soup and then movies. I went to retail therapy (thrifting!) and I scored a black blazer and Doc Martens for 12,99$! What a STEAL. I'm pretty happy now, haha.

Schools starting soon and which means I have more reason to get creative and dress up. Being at home all the time does not inspire creativity.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lately I've been out and about. Just making the most of summer before I have to go to school. In our city, we have a cultural festival called Folklorama and it's two weeks long. We watch performances of said culture and best of all, we get to sample (well we have to buy) the food. Above we went to the Mexican Pavilion today. It was great. Elaborate, colourful costumes and nice dances. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Caribbean one. Such a great show and delicious food!

The boyfriend wanted to go to the cheapie all-you-can-eat place. There's a reason why it's cheap. It's bland, they put too much rice and barely any filling at all for $10,95. I barely get sick from food but I wanted to hurl. Never again.

This is what I wore today. We did plenty... like above, we went to Folkorama, then we ate sushi and my boyfriend and I stopped by for groceries at this awesome seafood store which sells more than just seafood... a 12 inch cheesecake for $4, that is a deal indeed. Regularly it's $5!

Shirt and Blazer ASOS Curve | Skirt eBay, tag is "Target" | Shoes Thrifted | Necklace ALDO

Until next time!