Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lately I've been out and about. Just making the most of summer before I have to go to school. In our city, we have a cultural festival called Folklorama and it's two weeks long. We watch performances of said culture and best of all, we get to sample (well we have to buy) the food. Above we went to the Mexican Pavilion today. It was great. Elaborate, colourful costumes and nice dances. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Caribbean one. Such a great show and delicious food!

The boyfriend wanted to go to the cheapie all-you-can-eat place. There's a reason why it's cheap. It's bland, they put too much rice and barely any filling at all for $10,95. I barely get sick from food but I wanted to hurl. Never again.

This is what I wore today. We did plenty... like above, we went to Folkorama, then we ate sushi and my boyfriend and I stopped by for groceries at this awesome seafood store which sells more than just seafood... a 12 inch cheesecake for $4, that is a deal indeed. Regularly it's $5!

Shirt and Blazer ASOS Curve | Skirt eBay, tag is "Target" | Shoes Thrifted | Necklace ALDO

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  1. One of my girlfriend's friends, who only moved to Edmonton in the past year, was talking about that festival not too long ago. It sounds really cool. I love the first picture.

    I also really love your outfit. It's all kinds of gorgeous.

  2. such a classy look, dear!!! im loving the shoes and blazer a lot!! im off to see a pavilion tomorrow too, im just not sure yet. im so late in this folklorama thing tbh. in the past years, i have always watched at least 5 of them in a week. but alas, i have been too lazy this year. no one to go with.. booh!

    anyway, have a great weekend! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. Love it!!!
    Oh my days the food looks sooo yummy. i swear you go out to the best places seriously :D

  4. fabulous outfit. the shoes are adorable!

  5. super cute, that blazer is great.

    My husband and I had a bad experience at an all you can eat sushi restaurant yesterday and decided to stay away from all you can eat because the quality just isnt good. We were both sick and felt nauseous all day.

  6. I have always wanted to try sushi but I got sick twice because of bad food in the last 2 weeks! So it's gonna take me a while before I try it! lol

    Love the blazer on you btw!

  7. Great look and I love those shoes!

    S x

  8. Aw that's too bad about the sushi! You look adorable though :)

  9. oo I have that blazer! I love how you've worn it.

  10. I love that blazer. It sucks that the sushi was bad, and you've totally got me craving sushi now. :)

  11. As I said at livejournal, this is a lovely outfit! I'm still in love with the blazer :D

    And that sushi looks deliciouss..

  12. Just wanted to say thank you for following me!<3 xoxo

  13. u look great im now following u, please follow me back @


  14. ooh I love this outfit. The blazer's length is pretty cool haven't seen that anywhere else, seriously cute! the shoes are gorgeous and compliment it perfectly!


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