Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hey all! I've just been up and down the last few days. The dreaded mid-term season is upon us and that's what I've been doing -- studying for it. Aside the obvious work and school work, haha. Also Thanksgiving was upon us as well. :p I hope all the Canadian readers had a good Thanksgiving. I am still in turkey coma, haha!

It's actually been up and down, the weather. One day it's hot to +26 C then it goes down to +14 C. So I was thrifting and found this black cardigan-like thing. It's so warm, cozy and comfortable! I only scored it for $3!

Cardigan, Pants and Shoes Thrifted | Belt Reitmans | Dress used as a Top Dorothy Perkins

Another thrifting luck... I thrifted some men's pants for $5. Fits great and has that structure and high waist feel I like. The only thing is I want to make the legs skinnier on the calves and get it hemmed.

These are by far one of the best thrifts I've gotten so far. These shoes were in brand new condition (with original stickers on it and everything) ... and I've been looking for cognac coloured oxfords FOREVER. Lo and behold, these babies were only $5! I love you Value Village.

I hope you guys are enjoying your week. Tomorrow is Friday, thank God!


  1. I love this so much!

    I'm going to try something similar today.

    If youre ever in Toronto, let me know, I want to meet you!

  2. i really like the cardigan *_*
    wow, 8 dollars for it and shoes... that's amazing!

  3. Love the oxfords... the leather is such a beautiful color.

  4. aahhh good score on those oxfords!!! so androgynously chic!!! i can imagine them with vintage looks and trousers!!

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