Sunday, November 28, 2010

099. (Blunt and Bold)

Staying at my dads house forces me to be creative with my outfits. With limited selection and space, I have to either pack or make do with what I have at his house. This is the outfit I came out with. I guess with some of it's frustrations staying here, it's also nice because I can think of creative ways to remix my outfits and use articles of clothing I normally wouldn't have thought of (the woes of having too many clothes I guess).

Shirt Zara | Harem Pants H&M | Belt Lane Bryant | Cardigan Thrifted | Boots Target | Bag F21 | Jacket (not pictured) Ricki's

As you can see, I got a fringe! I figured, what the hell. I guess I may just grow out my fringe for the summer next year but whatever. I like it, and I look really different with it plus paired with my matte MAC lipstick I think I look pretty good!


Afterwards Gab and I stopped by for some sushi. Now we're just relaxing at dad's house. I'm going to go play the Playstation 3, toodles everyone, and THANK YOU for your input on my hair! :)

PS: It wasn't cold, it was only -1 C outside! Enough for me to swiftly take outfit pictures then put my jacket back on. :P

Friday, November 12, 2010

094. (Uniform)

Today we've been Christmas shopping ... gosh I spent so much money. I also bought a purse (Steve Madden) from Winners. I have to put it in a future OOTD, it is so cute, it's a satchel-like purse and it's purple! Definitely a statement accessory. I also went to the mall and bought chocolate. Oops. Oh well, so good.

I have such a funny look on my face. LOL. I didn't eat all that candy floss, my bf wanted me to hold his while he was taking a picture of me.

Haha. So cute! :) If you're wondering why we have candy floss it's because Lush was giving out free candy floss. Yum!

Jacket ASOS | Shirt ASOS | Skirt ASOS | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes F21 | Scarf and Bag F21 | Belt Lane Bryant

So this has pretty much been my standard outfit -- or uniform, I should say... for school/work. I think it's easy. Just put on a pair of tights, a solid tee, black skirt, belt and add a muffler and a jacket -- away you go!

RIP my bag. So far. I will fix it. The straps came off (LOL) and the zipper broke. Ugh. I guess you get what you paid for?

Sorry about the pictures, my kitchen was the only safe place as the other places of the house are filled with boxes.

Time to work once more... with my boxes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


One outfit post for you all. It's kind of hard to do outfit posts in this state of my life because:

1) I don't have a tripod, I rely on my boyfriend to take my pictures, lol.
2) Me and my boyfriend come home so late from work by the time we have time to take pictures -- and we don't look really pretty (especially me, I'm all disheveled!)
3) I'm moving. I'm actually supposed to pack right now but I'm so last minute...

Well, here's the outfit post I managed to come up with today. Yes, it was snowing, no, I had no idea it was until I stepped outside and froze my butt off LOL. I was squinting because of the snow... booo.

Camisole H&M | Cardigan Gap, thrifted. | Skirt ASOS curve | Belt Lane Bryant | Socks Jacobs | Shoes Thrifted | Bag (Which I didn't really get a picture of) - Forever 21.

Yup, so there you have it.
I'm gonna post a sushi picture just because that's what me and bf ate today. Tsk. Haha.

Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will be spending mine moving. :/