Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dress, Belt & Cardigan Thrifted | Leggings Target | Hat Jacob Connexion | Brogues Forever 21

Not much content to say really. I just went to Wal-Mart and then to Value Village for a little shopping trip and retail therapy. Bought chocolates (lol) from Wal-Mart and then bought a beautiful cape (in which you'll see in future outfit posts) from Value Village, a Chiffon dress and some red brogues. :)

Also, I happen to love this dress... I haven't gotten around to wearing it because I didn't know what to wear with it. I finally decided to say "fuck it" and wear it. (Pardon my language). I love it! It's quite warm, and it's a few sizes smaller which is why it's quite short (and I gained some weight, boo.) but hey... it still fits. ;) I love the detailing on the neck!


  1. Have fun at the party! you look super cute!

  2. You look lovely my dear! I really love the details on the neck on this take it up a knotch but keeps it comfortable!

  3. Oooooh! I love the studded collar. I like when clothes have little details that seem simple, but spice it up. I also love your shoes.. I always seem to have shoe envy!

  4. The studded collar is super cute!
    Perfect match:the hat with the glasses looks intellectual, but paired with the whool-dress and and the red lips it looks sexy!
    I love your new self confidence!
    You really rocks!

  5. I love that you wore a little white belt!

  6. cute! I like the dark/black on black look with the lighter shoes and belt.

  7. looking very elegant in this, dear!! :D love the neck detail too!

    Animated Confessions

  8. Oh, the collar does indeed look great. And I love a white belt as an accessory on this grey dress. Don't get cold!

  9. very lovely Gazel, so casual-chic! I love your style :)

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

  10. Love that knit dress! You look so french chic in it! :)
    Just wanted to give you a tip regarding finding denim shorts, look for loose jeans in the men´s section in thrift shops, they make the best cut off shorts! xxx

  11. Such a great cold weather outfit!

  12. I'm lovin the detailing on the collar & I love your fringe. I just recently got bangs once fall started and i love it!

    On a sidenote, just wanted to make sure you got my emails/info bc I was one of your winners for giveaway 3. Just curious! Thanks :)


  13. love your brogues babe! can´t wait to see the cape you bought!

    and i love that "fuck it!" attitude.

    xoxo Mode Junkie ♥

  14. OMGosh, this is so chic! LOVE the red lipstick :)

  15. Hi Gazel :)!
    I follow your blog since some days ,And I have to say that I love it :)!
    I like your clothes ,how you put them and choose accessories ,I like your style because it's always different and cute ,sometimes original ,always cool and looks comfortable :)!
    Moreover ,I find you cute ,and it's nice to see plus size fashion blog which is so full of happiness and love :)!

    You're a kind of example for me ,seriously x]
    I'm a bit too fat (I wear french size 44 ,it's uk 16 and us14 I think) too ,And I don't have a lot of self confidence ,but since 1 years ,I decided to be okay with my body ,And I begin to wear dress ,skirt ,cute jeans and top ,more make up ...

    But well with 16 years of jeans + black too big t-shirt /pullover behind me ,It's a bit hard to find what is cute or not ,what's looks good on a plus size girl ,so It's why Blog like yours give me a lot of help ,to continue to accept myself ,and for clothing :)!

    Well apart this ,I love your dress !I have one wich looks like that a bit ,but the grey is lighter ,and there is no sequin on it :)!
    I love how you put it ,with this belt and cardigan ,it's so cute and looks warm :)!

    Oh and forgive me for my horrible English :S! I'm French and my English is not very well ^^'!

    So kisses to you ,and continue blogging :)

  16. i am loving gray lately, so u are a total eye candy for me right now. looking lovely as always. oh yeah, may i have those oxfords? ;-)

  17. sick brogues girl!!! MWAH

    F. (

  18. The white belt with that dress is darling.

    I miss Value Village! I'm intrigued by the cape. Post up pics when you doll it up :)

  19. the glasses look amazing on you, I want a pair now!


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