Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey everyone! I have two versions of the same (almost) outfit today. Well for one, I wore one to go out with my dad and brother (the cat sweater look) and then at night I fancied it up a bit to go out with the boyfriend (and brother) to sushi and a movie. I quite enjoyed my day even if I was a bit of a sour-puss. (I was just really grouchy today for some reason.)

Top Vintage | Skirt ASOS | Tights The Bay | Shoes Thrifted | Jewelry Forever 21


Yes I know my nail polish is chipping, how un-classy!

This one I wore to go out with my dad and brother early this afternoon. It's not much honestly, but I felt like documenting it. I like the little lace from my top poking through the ASOS cat shirt.

Sweater and Skirt ASOS | Lace top Vintage | Shoes Thrifted | Tights The Bay

I also love my hair in these photos. Gives them a nice sheen! Apparently some people don't like my hair... and that I should keep it natural and side bangs! Ha, whatever. I really like my hair and I don't really care what the snarkers think of my hair if it (and I quote loosely) "It's disgusting" and "horrible". Seriously, before people go insulting my hair I think the snarkers should kindly supply me with a photograph of your ~luscious~ hair so I can get a good comparison on how mine is so flipping horrible! Hah.

Sorry for the snark, I'm really grouchy today and annoyed. I just can't take people seriously (as in actually following through peoples' backhanded so called advice!) when I can't even see if they're a credible person to even follow. For all I know they could be bald or have fried and "horrible disgusting" hair themselves.

Enough bitterness though, I'm going to an exhibit tomorrow with friends. Then gift wrapping. Then packing (because next week I will be busy) and then my trip to Eastern Canada! (Well just Quebec and Ottawa and Montreal) for some holiday fun for two weeks. So excited. I'll still be blogging then! Since I'm staying with my boyfriends family for Christmas.


  1. what!? how could people get snarky about your hair? it's so beautiful, i ADORE your bangs. i wish my bangs would go back to that now. :/

    that cat shirt is so cute and i love your dot tights. lookin adorable, girl :]

  2. Have fun Gazel!
    I love the cat shirt. I kept tempting myself of purchasing it--but if I buy anymore kitsch cat shirts I might to go to the happy hospital. @_@ I already have a cat sweater, two Christmas sweaters, and a massive amount of Hello Kitty shirts!

    I like that you're posting these even though you admit you're in a bad mood. You still look so cute, and I like that you're still smiling.

  3. Wow the wasabi is so prettily served, I always have to scoop mine out of a jar at restaurants! I love your look today! The top looked mildly victorian with the high neckline paired with your cameo necklace and pearls and I love your thrifted red brogues! It's a pity you were grouchy :( Hope you feel better and if it's any consolation, you look very cute and have no reason to be grouchy, okay!

  4. Aww ,You're brother is cute x]!And looks very happy xP!
    I love Your first outfit ,the one you wore at night ,it's very chic ,I love the vintage look ,accessories are just perfect :)!
    The cat sweater is nice too ,it's match very good with the skirt (which is very cute x])

    And you're shoes are so lovely ,it give a cool touch of colours ,I love it

    I love your hair personally ,and think it suit you good !
    You're hair are perfectly nice ,don't worry :)!

    Kiss :)!(and sorry for my poor English :c)

  5. I want to, and can eat that whole plate. So much fried little crunchy tempura pieces!

    I love that top and skirt, and seeing that bow at the waist has made it better :)

    I cant believe that people would say that about your hair, it makes so sense that anyone would find it disgusting.

    I recently found out that the person leaving snarky comments was the one person I know in real life, who lives by me, and I thought was a friend, so I know how these things make you feel.

  6. I love that you aren't wearing a cami underneath the vintage top. That is A+++. I have been seeing a lot of red and pink together lately and I love it! This is no exception <3

  7. girl, your hair looks great and that vintage top is AMAZING.

  8. That vintage top is so pretty. I love it with the skirt too. Very cute look

  9. aaahh i love the first outfit!! very classy, feminine and lovely!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. I love reading your blog and think you look gorgeous, especially love the patent red shoes, adorable. And just to put my two cents in, I love your fringe and your hair looks lovely, it's in really good condition and suits your face too :)

  11. Your hair looks fabulous! I can't believe that some people are so rude and hateful :(

    I love the night look, the vintage top is so gorgeous - you look lovely :)

  12. I dig your hair... and not just because I have pretty much the exact same haircut! ;)

    Those tights are too cute. Have to get a pair of those before Christmas!

  13. That outfit is sooooooo cute (i prefer it sans the shirt, but youre doing the damn thing though) and I thought your bangs were cute. Eff what anyone has to say. If you love it and your boyf loves it, that's all that matters.

  14. i love your hair! i don't get how people could be snarky like that, it's just plain rude!!

    i love your lace top!

  15. the sushi looks delicious and your outfits are adorable! especially the first one :)

  16. i have that cat jumper! i love it, i totally over-wear it, everyone i know has now seen it xD

  17. i apologized for being a bitch! what i said was harsh. i was in a bad mood, i shouldnt have taken it out on you. i'm not gonna gtfo because i do enjoy your style. for the record, i have nice long dark brown hair, the ends are a bit fried because i used to be a lifeguard. i just suggested it because i kind of look like you and, not that i think i'm prettier, but it really does give my face a longer shape. in the end, it doesnt matter what people think, and if you love your hair, then thats good for you!
    take care

  18. OMG that sushi looks amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE that vintage top!


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