Wednesday, December 22, 2010

111. (Cozy!)

Can you believe it? It's Christmas in a few days. Tomorrow, I embark on an airplane to go to Quebec! (Yes, I know, I keep mentioning it but seriously. SHOPPING TIMES IN MONTREAL! Woo hoo!) Anyway...

Top and Boots Evans | Pants GabiG Korea via eBay | Scarf F21

I bought some stuff from Evans and I'm just gonna give a little review. For those who don't know Evans, they're a UK company who offers plus size clothes. A lot of their stuff is really cute and on trend, at least in my opinion. There's some who complain it's too edgy or too frumpy, but it's not the case for me.

My boyfriend bought me two pairs of boots for my birthday present last month. This is one of them. It's REALLY comfortable and if you have really big calves I don't know if it'll fit too great. I have 18 inch calves and they're the right amount of snug worn with my knit black pants. Also, on the website, it looks a lot more of a lighter brown than in person. It's kind of a milk-chocolate colour instead of the cognac colour I was expecting. But oh well, it's still pleasant.

I also got this oversized top from Evans. I LOVE IT. Right length for me and I love oversized baggy stuff. I don't care if people tell me it's a tent or whatever. Seriously, screw the "rules" for plus size women. Fashion shouldn't be about rules and it should be about wearing whatever you want to make a statement.

I posted on the Evans FB wall with one of my pictures recently and apparently it offended people because I was *GASP* wearing SUCH a short hemline! The thread in question is here and it still brings me a good laugh. How ironic it is that the ones who are most fatphobic are some of the people who are fat themselves or plus sized! How baffling and hypocritical. Instead of taking big leaps forward to fat acceptance these kinds of people bring it many steps backwards. Disappointing, pitiful, but I digress.

Anyway! I'm still not done packing. :( I gotta continue to pack. But I just wanted to share my outfits and my thoughts on the FA community.

To end this entry, here's my nails. I love 'em. I used Joe Fresh Mint varnish and topped it with Nicole by OPI "Have a Heart" topcoat and glitter. Look at the little hearts! Hehe.


  1. Cute outfit, you look great! An oversized piece in a outfit should be essential, it's just so comfy! I saw that thread on your photo when it first started and I was even confused as to why those women were so judgmental when they are big girls themselves! Just makes me shake my head, you looked great in that dress by the way!!

  2. another amazing outfit!

    i made a fat zine a few years ago. it was a big deal for me, i even had a photo of me in a bikini in it. i got a lot of emails from girls saying things like "i really liked your zine, but youre not fat". I was really hurt that this new group of people i had just found, the FA group, didnt want me and kept telling me i couldnt call myself fat.
    thats when i decided that i wasnt going to be involved anymore, i stopped following and posting photos to fatshionista and decided to just read the blogs i wanted to.

    i think that it's our body and we can do whatever we want with it: eat, not eat, diet, work out, get plastic surgery, wear mini skirts, wear jogging pants, whatever.

    i think youre beautiful and i love your outfits and blog.

  3. I love this outfit, you look really great. I too love over-sized tops.

    The replies to your photo on facebook are just ridiculous, it's so sad that these fat women can be so fatphobic. But I guess simply being plus-size doesn't make one part of the FA community.

  4. Love this fun outfit! And I'm in love with those boots! I too share the predicament of wide calves and after reading your post, can smile that there are boots out there that fit our curvy legs!

  5. i have always loved how you wear your clothes!!! everytime i see you wear one of those asos curve pieces, i always think that you rock them well.. i love your attitude towards embracing your curves!! :D go girl! :D

    looking so cute in this!!! :D cozy too!! have fun in quebec!!! :D enjoy shopping!

    Animated Confessions

  6. One man's meat is another man's poison, just because someone wouldn't wear what you wore doesn't mean what you wore is wrong. The only reason I wouldn't wear some things is because I am self-conscious and it doesn't make me feel happy or comfortable with it so that's MY feelings. Like I wouldn't bare my arms because I have pimples on my arms but I am not opposed to someone else wearing it. I think you look cute all the time and you stay true to what you are and what you wear and if people couldn't accept it, screw them.

  7. omg, you're so CUTE! Love this look, and the boots are to die for! <3

  8. I love your outfit, it looks comfy and cute and your boyfriend did a great job with those boots!
    About the comments on the Evans competition, why do people keep calling it a top?! That's totally a dress and you look happy and confident in it. I love your attitude too, you're so amazingly positive faced with all the fat on fat bitchiness, don't let them faze you when you're comfortable enough in your own skin to show off your legs or whatever other part of you you want to!

  9. adorable! one of my favorite outfits!

  10. Hi! I've been reading your blog here and there and I've always thought you looked so cute and positive! And because I'm nosy, I went to check the Facebook thread and I think you look lovely! And some people should know better, you know, golden rule and all? Anyway, keep up the good work and Merry Christmas :)

  11. Gazel, those boots make your legs look fantastic. I must get a pair.

  12. I love those boots, they are fantastic. Have a great time in Quebec and a fantastic Christmas.

  13. you're the cutest! i love your glasses. for real. and your nails are so fun:)

  14. Great outfit! I absolutely LOVE the boots! I am always a little nervous to buy stuff from the UK, as I am from Canada too...when you order from Evans, does it take a long time to arrive?

    PS. I think I am going to quote you on this one: "Fashion shouldn't be about rules and it should be about wearing whatever you want to make a statement." so true.

  15. @Melissa: Thanks! It takes a while, as does any order, it can range from 2 weeks to a month. I believe I got mine a tad later as there was a snow storm in the UK which delayed ALL packages and not just mine.


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