Saturday, December 25, 2010

112. (Merry Christmas!)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas this year! Here's some snippets from our day today. Tomorrow will be a day of... SHOPPING! Going Boxing Day shopping at Rideau Centre in Ottawa tomorrow, then on Monday I'm heading to Laval.

Top China | Skirt Winners | Belt Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Forever 21

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the rest of your Christmas... and happy Boxing day!


  1. Joyeux noël et bonne année ma belle!

  2. Merry Christmas to you Gazel! You and the boyfriend are cuteness, both of you in blue together nonetheless!

    Here's a wish that you have a lot of fun and thrift a lot of pretty things to feature in your blog and also find joy, peace and bliss this holiday season!

  3. Aww, looks like you had good time! Happy Holidays! :)

  4. Everything and everyone looks awesome! Glad you had a good holiday and hope you are out there now finding some great deals!

  5. you two are so adorable and i love your outfit!

  6. so boxing day is real! lol! i thought it was a myth. all the food is making me hungry and your christmas pics is making me ready for Christmas again! lol! im happy to see that ure enjoying the season hun! xoxo!

  7. Happy holidays babe! Love the pics, you two look so cute together! <3


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