Friday, December 31, 2010

113. (Wrapping it up)

2010 was a good year for me. It was the year I finally had the gall to open my blog and start communicating in the blog-o-sphere. I am forever grateful for starting... the blogger community is amazing. It's also the year I also went out of my comfort zone in style and tried new things. The year I moved out of our condo and bought a house with my mom. The year I finally decided what to do with my life in University. The year I got a pug.

What have I learned in 2010:

  • Don't be scared of prints.
  • Don't trust people on Facebook especially if they're a co-worker. (I got in trouble at work for saying a nasty status about someone. Of course it got mis-construed...)
  • Life is hard but with effort it is rewarding.
  • Being nice is better than being a bitch.
  • I learned to realise that the judgements and actions I've done have hurt or will hurt people and that it's wrong. I've definitely grown as a person and I'm very proud of it.

In closing, 2010 was a good year.

So in this post it's my top 10 outfits of the year that I liked. No order.

My first outfit post ever of course I had to add this! I love the mustard shirt I wear I just wish I can find other ways to properly sport it.

Honourary mention:

Why? Because I think I look great in it and it caused a lot of controversy because I was ~SHOWING LEG~ and it was ~TOO SHORT~, lol, FUCK the haters. ;) This year I learned to laugh at insecure people and hateful people as well and not take comments so seriously.

My resolutions for 2011:

  • Wake up earlier.
  • Try harder in school.
  • Wear EVERYTHING in my closet. Sell/dispose (donate) everything that I don't wear.

Happy new years everyone! Regular updates will resume next week. I'm still in Quebec and obviously I have nothing to do tonight. Celebrations for me will be tomorrow.



  1. Hey...I'm new to your blog so its good to see a fashion recap! I love your style...keep up the good work!!!

  2. So many cute outfits! Keep doing what you do, you're an inspiration!

  3. The 3rd and 4th are my favorites.
    How did I even get to your blog ? I can't recall. Probably from another one. I love that you dare to wear what YOU want to wear. If you don't do it for you, who are you going to do it for ? I've gone through your entire blog (I read fast lol) and I like !

    Keep dressing that body, lady !

  4. Hello Gazel, Happy New Year to you and I hope you are having fun in Quebec! I didn't see your first outfit post but I am all over it! The mustard yellow and the navy blue skirt are a match made in heaven! I always admire your fearless way of dressing. You dress the way you want, the way you like without falling apart at people's opinions. I am happy to hear that you disregard the haters completely because they are trying to pile their own insecurity on you. I once read an article that fat girls should not be seen in swimming costumes. I think the haters should just learn to live with it because they are no more perfect than you, me or anybody else out there.

    I am looking forward to a great 2011 with lots of outfit inspirations from you!

  5. i loved all the outfits too! especially the last dress, too cute!

    happy new year!

  6. People hated on you for showing leg? UGH. I love this idea and may have to copy it ;-)

    You had such a stylish year--here's hoping for even more!

  7. Happy New Year! I haven't seen that first outfit with the yellow top before, it's fantastic. I like your new blog header too. I wish you another successful year and maybe I'll see you around =)

  8. These are great picks. And I think your musterd shirt will be a nice piece for SS2011.

  9. Love all these outfits, 2010 was a good looking year for you :)

  10. I LOVED the maxidress on you, I think that looked totally awesome :))

    Stop by my blog if you find the time - comments&followers much appreciated <3

  11. love the top picks of outfits, they are my favs too! :) thanks for this year, Ive enjoyed your blog everyday! and cant wait to see more. Love Jen

  12. happy new years ms. gazel !!! u are an amazing girl and im so glad that u started a blog so that i could stalk you. ure truly an inspiration. all the best in 2011!

  13. You're first outfit was pretty ,I love that mustard shirt ,it suit good with your skin ;)!
    Then the first one ,after is my favourite outfit ,with the one with the blazer !
    special mention to your long flower dress ,so cute :)!
    I don't find your last one too short,I mean it's a summer dress so xD!
    And you have very nice legs :)!

    good luck for your 2011 resolution ;)!

  14. I loveee them all! too much leg? well, they are very pretty legs so hey, show 'em off

  15. happy new year sweetheart! I love that I`ve got to know you a little, and I love your blog and style, as you already know :) Your outfits are fab! This is the year where I also learned that prints in wild mixes are my friends :)) haha

    <3 Anika

  16. lovely outfits! really like those clear glasses too, they are super chic!

  17. Gazel, I must say, reading your blog this year has been really fun because I literally feel like I've watched your style develop and mature over time. I think you've really refined your style over the last months, and I always look forward to your posts!


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