Tuesday, January 11, 2011

117. (Bubble Gum)

Dress and Top ASOS | Tights Hue via The Bay | Shoes F21

This outfit reminds me of bubble gum. I don't know why. I guess it's the pink and light blue in this outfit. I personally would've loved to wear this outfit in the spring time, with some nice frilly socks and brogues. But for now since it's winter, it's this.

This is pretty much my natural hair style ... wavy. Actually, if I don't dry it/straighten the bangs it ends up even curlier and unruly than this. I guess it's refreshing to see my hair other than straight with blunt bangs.

I think I'm doing pretty good with updating... originally when I conceived the blog I had wanted to do daily updates but there's so much you can write. As you all can see, I am horrible with words. Plus, there's some days I don't feel like dressing up and just want to stay in bed in my pyjamas.

Are there days where you feel absolutely lazy and don't wanna do anything?


  1. I think you are doing well. I think I update about twice or thrice a week depending. I would love to see you work the thrifted pussybow blouse soon. If it's thrifted and it's pussybow, it's awesome!

    Bubblegum colours are good too. It's refreshing to take the mind off the rich colours and look at your pastel coloured outfit! Makes me want a candyfloss too!

  2. Lovely ,as you say ,it's remind a bubble gum ,because of the light colours ^^!
    even your pinks lipstick make me think about candy :)!
    With brogues ,it will look fantastic x]
    Your natural hair are nice ,mine was a bit like it too ,but I cut them quiet short now x]!

    I think you update good ,and It's better that you do less post ,but nice one ,that you wanted to do ,than a lot if you force yourself ;)!

    And yeah there is day I feel lazy too ,like today. I don't feel to do my essay in philosophy :c. I 'll do it tomorrow xD!

  3. Loving your shoes from F21 each time I visit one of their stores,theres none in my size they are really nice :)

  4. @Marie: Ah, merci. Oui, je comprends bien le Francais. Juste laisse tes commentaires en Francais si tu veux, si c'est plus facile pour toi.

  5. I absolutely love this outfit! You look amazing :) Every single piece is absolutely perfect!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. Oh, I love this! It's cute, feminine, and looks utterly comfortable! Plus, who can resist a cute cat.


  7. I like the kitty shirt with this outfit. Its very playful... and I love cats! LOL! I like the pastels together with the black swiss polky-dot tights. They add sex appeal!

  8. Super le tshirt chat, me semble que tu l'avais deja porte une fois sur ton blog. Rah j'hesite toujours a l'acheter ... Je suis fan des chats.
    Et les collants sont sympas aussi !

  9. You should wear your hair like that more often. I'd kill to have natural hair like yours! :)

  10. of the fashion blogs i read, you update the most frequently. i love that you feature pieces i would never think to put together and you make them look awesome. I've mostly lived in jeans this (and every other) winter but the killer tights you wear have inspired me to try them.:)

  11. I definitely feel lazy a good bit of the time! I've kind of been lazing around for a few weeks, it's been glorious.

    I actually aim to update 4x/week, about every other day. I feel like it's a good cadence for me, and I don't feel pressured to write something when I don't have anything just to get a post up, if that makes sense.

    The cat shirt always makes me smile - and I dig your naturally wavy hair!

  12. Merci Gazel ,j'écrirais en français maintenant :)!
    Et je te le dis encore ,tu es magnifique ^^!

  13. kitty tee!!! love it. i know exactly what you mean about not wanting to write, i find that's why i always wind up talking about the weather, how cliche! haha <3


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