Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey everyone! Here's another outfit for today. I don't know if you've noticed, but I switched places on where I get photographed. I actually like it here better than the old place. (Too much yellow, it made the white balance of the photos all funky.)

I wore a skirt and tights because it's slightly warmer. (1 degrees C apparently.)
I am loving peter pan collars at the moment, as you can see. You'll be seeing some of that in my recent outfit posts.
As for my life, nothing really exciting. School, work -- rinse and repeat really. I'm still kind of sick, but it's more like an annoying asthma-induced cough more than anything. I finally got my ASOS curve parcel that I ordered in December. I'm really excited about it! I can't wait to wear the stuff I got, hehe.

Shirt Dorothy Perkins | Skirt H&M | Belt ASOS | Cardigan Gap, thrifted | Tights and shoes Style 369

So a little review of these Style 369 / Evans spotted tights. I was excited getting them and I ordered according to the size chart. They fit well but they ripped so easily and I wasn't being rough or doing anything that would make them rip! I'm so disappointed, but at least I bought two. I suggest snagging them up now because they're still on clearance. (At least on Style 369).

Have a good day, everyone! :) Or night. I'm off to watch some TV and do homework. (Boo.)


  1. I got the cutest bow tights at H&M a couple of months ago and they ripped while I was putting them on... never made it out of the house once. I feel your pain :/

  2. You look very pretty! i like this outfit!

  3. I have been eying that Dorothy Perkins top forever! I looooove it.

  4. I love this outfit! Everything is perfect - the colour scheme, the proportions, the red shoes - adorable!

  5. The Peter Pan top is so so cute. I love Peter Pans too but haven't found that many to rock my boat. :) I'm hoping for some embellished ones.

  6. So cute! I've been eyeing up that top!

  7. I really ADORE that shirt with the Peter Pan collar! It really stands out the way you paired it with a dark skirt and framed it with that cardi! Love it!

  8. How cute are you!!! Everything about this outfit is fantastic!!!!


  9. I too am loving Peter Pan collars, and this example is so pretty! It's a fantastic outfit!
    I have so much trouble getting the white balance right in my indoor photos, that's why I hardly ever shoot them inside. But, you did a great job! I think the new location did the trick!

  10. le col "peter pan" (ici ,on dit le "col claudine" xD) est super ,il te va bien ;)!

    Le cardigan est super mignon ,j'aime beaucoup les poids ,ça donne un petit effet rétro je trouve ^^!

    Pour les collant je sais ce que c'est ça m'est déjà arriver ,avec des collant tout neuf en plus :c


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