Monday, February 28, 2011

133. (Keeping it simple)

As the title says. No fancy pussy bows, no sparkly skirts, no prints, just sticking to the basics. I love to wear reds and blacks together. This outfit is no exception.

Eeep, such grainy pictures! Bad lighting + night time + high iso = bad pictures. :( :(

Top Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan American Apparel | Skirt ASOS | Belt Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Naturalizer

Nothing much to say in terms of my life. I've got papers to write and 2 exams this week. D'oh. Hopefully it'll be less hectic. But I am scrambling and taking a break. I am so tired, too! Gotta cram for that exam tomorrow... I've been studying since last week but there's just so much information. :( I can't wait till I'm not a student and I can do my career.

Have a good Monday / Tuesday!


  1. every single outfit you have is a win.

  2. One of my favorites to date. Everything is falling so perfectly on you

  3. Simple is always chic! I love it!

  4. LOVE this. My favorite outfits are always the most simple.

  5. Love this outfit, that top is gorgeous!!
    Got the package last week, LOVE IT!!! thank you so much, I might have eaten all the chocolate straight away and refused to share any with my husband, haha.
    Will do an outfit post with the skirt over the weekend!
    xxx, Ulrika

  6. The collar on the shirt is lovely and adorable! :D

  7. This outfit is adorable. I'm so jealous of your collection of Peter Pan collared topsss rawer. I need to find a good one! I really love the way that top looks with the red cardigan. Super cutes. <3

  8. keeping it simple suits you!
    good luck with the exams

  9. CUTE! <3 love your everyday look! indeed simple yet so chic and cute at the same time.

  10. Ahoy! I found your blog while searching for Zenni Optical glasses. I really like your frames, which model are they?

    I couldn't resist following your blog either; I freaking LOVE everything you wear.


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