Sunday, March 27, 2011

144. (Not quite Spring yet.)

The sun was in my eyes.

I've been sporting my ASOS faux-leather bomber lately because the weather has been favourable lately. So here's a variation of an outfit I'm wearing recently to school.
Also! I'm showcasing my new glasses. You like? Hehe. It's totally not matching with the outfit, but these were the only glasses I had on me since I'm staying at my dads house for the weekend. It's a definite change of environment than where I live in the suburbs for sure... as you can see, it's more inner-city, so I think my outfit reflects that a bit.

Ring From a random stand at the University | Scarf Smart Set | Bag Memory Lane Shop | Shoes and socks The Bay | Lipstick MAC Ladybug | Everything else ASOS

Also, these ASOS ponti capris are too long for me at 5'5"... note that I actually had to fold the cuffs up so it actually are "capris" they look like black skinny trousers on me.

Anyway, we went to the cinema yesterday and some sashimi. Yum! One thing I do hate about going to the movies in my dads area (in the inner-city) is that every time I go the people are so damn inconsiderate and rude. I have nothing against people smoking marijuana or whatever, but if you go into the movie theatre HIGH and then screaming whilst watching the film and ruining it for everyone... like damn, have some class people! No wonder people from the North End of Winnipeg get such a bad rep. People in public act like hooligans... maybe it's because I live in a rather calm place in the city with no disruptions but I have to vent about that.

Although, It's nice to kick back a bit since all my term papers are done. Just exams now. But I'll be busier than ever the next 2 months. Summer sessions... eeep, and work on top of that!


  1. I love your ring!

  2. first of all, i'm OBSESSED with any/all cat-eye glasses right now and those are seriously AMAZING. secondly, love love the outfit. stripes are so good on you! always!

  3. You are giving me sooo much Michael Jackson with this outfit... the jacket, the red, and the high pants with the socks and shoes. Really stylish and cute! And I love those glasses! I would like a pair like those, or similar. As far as the movie thing...nothing grinds my gears more than people sitting in the theater acting a damn dumbass fool. Now, if you've read my know that its laden with profanity, that's just how I am... but to go out and be rude and ignorant?! Not at all! NEVER! I have a few tricks to avoid the tomfoolery at theaters: never EVER go to a movie opening weekend, and only go to a.m. cinema. The price is dirt cheap,and there are usually no more than 10-15 people in the entire theater.

  4. nah. I'm good. I think if I had the black ones I'd look like Zorro, LOL! I'm just gonna buy another pair of wayfarer-like glasses from Zenni Optical.

  5. You got your glasses! They look super cute. How do you like them? Do you still want to trade them for the black ones?

  6. Thanks! At $38 I couldn't resist buying them. Lenses and all. :D

  7. jolie tenue et biensur je suis fan de ta bague ;O)

  8. Your bag and top look so cute! ♥


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