Tuesday, May 10, 2011

154. (Food, food, food..)

Blazer and Shorts Forever 21+ | Tank Top ASOS Curve | Belt Addition-Elle | Shoes Style 369

Not much of an outfit post. This was an outfit I wore like last week to eat shawarma. Nothing exciting, so I'll just dump some food photographs here. After all, it's not just a "fashion" (I use this term very loosely) blog, but it's a blog of my life, which includes food.

One of my favourite teas right now. If you are fortunate to have a DAVIDsTEA in your area, do try the Luscious Watermelon tea! It's excellent iced... It's a beautiful tasting tea with real watermelon, honeydew and apples! Dee-lish!

Beef Shawarma. If you're in Winnipeg, do try the Shawarma place (I don't know what it's called, fail.) on Main Street in the Kildonan area (the road going to Selkirk, the city.) You can't miss it, it says "Lebanese Food" on the sign. They have affordable and generous shawarmas and falafel wraps at a fair price.

Honey Milk Boba Tea ♥

We had Mother's Day Dinner at Tomy Roma's! The first picture is mine, which has ribs + chicken + bacon macaroni and cheese + broccoli... I couldn't finish the ribs, I gave it to my mom, and the mac and cheese I gave half to my brother.

Boyfriend's Foccacia Club. Apparently it was good.

Mom's steak + ribs + coleslaw + broccoli. I tried her steak, it's dynamite!


  1. I really should not have looked at this post so late because now I am starving and it's bed time! All of the food looks delicious.

    Also, your striped blazer is awesome!

  2. OMG Girl!! You're killing me with all this food! Looks so yummy 'cause all I had for dinner was a can of soup. I really need to go to the market!


  3. I'm always down for a good old fashion food porn post.

    And to boot, I love your blazer!

  4. the burrito looks delicious, and you look adorable! love your flats!

  5. You're making me so hungry. You're so mean :(

  6. I just ate dinner but now I think I could eat again.

  7. Um, you're SO freaking cute in your stripes! And I just drooled all over my keyboard!

  8.  O-M-G! That food looks amaze! You look ultra cute in those stripes love! :)



  9.  so pretty...


  10. That blazer is all kinds of amazing. Oh, and I'm hungry now. Thanks :)


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