Saturday, May 14, 2011

155. (Eccentric.)

The wind = not good for skirts.

My mom told me I dress too "eccentric" and colourful. I just had to, given today, it was +17C outside (but it was terribly windy) with such sunny skies! I found this pink scarf my friend gave me and used it as a head wrap because I didn't feel like washing my bangs or hair. My mom wanted to go out to some rummage sales (my favourite weekend activity) so I did just that. People were staring at my colourful outfit, and I honestly couldn't give a heck about it. Stare all you want! We went to McDonalds, where people stared, the mall - the only place they didn't stare is the rummage sales. Haters gon' hate.

Top and Socks H&M | Jacket Garage Sale | Skirt eBay via Dorothy Perkins | Shoes and Mustard bag Thrifted | Scarf worn on my head Gifted by my bff. :)

Not a stain on my shirt, it's my camera lens that needs cleaning haha.

Don't you love it when you re-discover new pieces? :)
I'm gonna be wearing scarves on my head now, no matter how bizarre it is. I'm too cheap to buy the (overpriced) headbands from American Apparel, given how pretty they are, I'm not sure if I'm willing to buy silk headbands with wire in them for almost $20. No thank you!

By the way if you have time check out the nice feature I got from My Thrifted Closet! I'm an avid thrifter so I just had to answer her questions.

Oh, sometime this week I will host another sale. I'm purging a lot of my clothes.

See you all again next time!


  1.  thanks for the shoutout. You look cute as always

  2. Rosemary AstburyMay 14, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    i love this skirt  and i have it too, but i never used to wear it out, then i saw some ways you had styled it and it totally inspired me.

    you look so lovely here :)

    rosie xx

  3. Awesome!! I've taken to wearing scarves around my head too... who says you can't?! You look so cute, I always love what you have on. Adorable, and perfect for a  beautiful spring day out shopping with your mum! 

  4.  I love the demi, mixed with the floral! :)

  5. One of my favorite outfits.  People were staring at your awesome style!  :-) 

  6.  You look adorable! I love the outfit.

  7. Not sure why people were hating--this is such a lovely spring outfit!

  8.  Are you sure they were hating? Maybe they were just jealous of your great outfit =)

  9. Im totally in love with the headscarf/denim jacket combo! Looks so cute! 


  10. I have that skirt some where, I need to rummage in the attic for it!
    I love the headscarf, I never think of doing anything like that x

  11. princessekyonyuuMay 15, 2011 at 7:45 AM

     The skirt is gorgeous, I love! You are beautiful! xo

  12. You look adorable! i love the head wrap and the skirt!

  13.  too cute for words! love it.

  14.  You look so pretty! That skirt is awesome! :3

  15. You look so pretty! And that skirt is awesome! :3 

  16. You look fine!! Not too bright and colourful at all!! Unless of course, I dress just like you...and everyone else is boring!!!

    And I know what you mean about AA.  Everything is ridiculously priced!

  17. You look so cute.  I also am a lover of rummage sales! 

  18.  lalala love it!


  19. Hm, maybe you're right. Maybe everyone else is boring haha. :)
    I love some stuff from AA but I cannot justify the price. I also saw this beautiful (and stretchy) rosette jumper from American Apparel. Fits perfectly, feels great - cept the price tag at $98 for a bloody jumper?! NO THANK YOU.


    and thanks for commenting. 

  20. I do too! :D They're soooo fun! 

  21. people here don't exactly dress as colourful as i do. :T and i live in an area where its old men and old women - explains why my riding was "conservative". sobs. 


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