Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi y'all! I'm finally done school for the summer. Hallelujah. No more exams, boring lectures or papers. I am freeee! To celebrate we went out to dinner and I wore this fabulous dress I got from ASOS. It was beautiful today so I felt it was appropriate. I wanted to keep it simple so minimal accessories for this outfit. It was too hot to wear a cardigan as well! I've gotten comfortable with my arms the past few months so I'm happy to say that I dressed how I wanted without feeling insecure. I felt very "Mad Men" with my Derek Cardigan cat-eye glasses as well. I'm obsessed with glasses, I think I need an intervention. :(

Dress ASOS | Belt Thrifted | Wedges Coldwater Creek, borrowed from my mom's closet.

Well, since we're on the topic of dresses I might as well give my opinion on the dress. I love how it looks and feels. It runs true to size, but I feel like the dress is missing something... like lining? It feels cheap, the fabric. It's rough and not soft at all. It's cotton so it's breathable but I felt like I was wearing a very fancy table cloth - that's how the material felt like. I guess you can't tell by looking at it. That's my only gripe about it. I feel modest and I'm not mooning everyone with this dress which tends to be the case with a lot of ASOS dresses. This dress did not run short at all! All in all, it's a good price on sale right now for about $30 USD, so if you were wondering if you should take the plunge, do it! I give it 4/5 stars.

So see you next time! Now that I'm done school I have more time to write.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Shirt Zara | Chinos ASOS | Bandana Forever 21 | Shoes and belt Thrifted | Glasses Clearly Contacts

Not much to say except here's an outfit post. I am absolutely in love with these ASOS chinos. They wrinkle pretty easily (and are too big in the thighs) but I don't give a hoot. I love how it's gold and ugh, LOVE IT. I feel so 70's wearing it, hehe. I'm so glad that I snagged the last pair off the ASOS sale website! :3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

162. (Giveaway Winner!)

I'm going to have a sale. Eventually. When this stupid CANADIAN postal strike ENDS! Ugh. I don't want to lose my packages and it's just slower. I'm sorry for those (like my penpals) that I'm taking so long to send stuff, by the way. On the subject of shipping stuff via postal service, I did decide on a giveaway winner for my ring giveaway. My computer is being stupid and won't let me print screen but I did the generator and the winner is...

#50: Jamie of Hip Oh!.

I will be contacting you now.

I will be having another giveaway soon.
I am also opening a food blog. With recipes. I'm actually gonna stick to it this time... I'll give the link when I format it and such, but I'll also be posting food porn in there as well. For the time being here's some sushi that me and my friends had recently:

Agedashi Tofu...

Nigiri sushi.


Sushi rolls!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Everything is second hand except the top that I bought from some random shop at the mall.

Yes I'm making another post. I should've uploaded this last week but I didn't. So does it even merit it's own post? I guess yeah. I don't even know what to say because I've said all I said about everything on my last post. So here's an outfit I wore last week. I don't even remember where I wore it to. The only thing I do remember was my mom commenting that she could see through my skirt. Oops. I should buy a half-slip. But I do love the skirt, one of my favourite finds ever. Pity that it's transparent.