Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have a newfound love of maxi dresses or anything maxi. I never thought I would.
Well, sort of. I don't like maxi dresses with a whole lot of tribal prints or tacky prints. I like minimal or girly things. So I went to Old Navy and found this dress for $10. I actually don't like blue on me but this looks really good for some reason. I also don't like Old Navy too much, I admit they have some decent basics but sizing wise it's inconsistent and the fabric stretches more than a rubber band. So far so good with this dress though.

Dress Old Navy | Belt ASOS | Wedges Coldwater Creek

I guess lesson learned: sometimes you just gotta keep an open mind and try new things. It may surprise you.

Oh, I'm also opening a food blog. I know I keep saying that but I actually will go through with it. I'll be putting pictures and recipes and restaurant reviews and such, stay tuned. I need to tweak the layout a bit for it and such but I'll let you all know when it's live and kicking. I think I'll just keep this blog a style blog/body acceptance blog.

Until next time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay so I GUESS this outfit was yesterday's outfit.

Shirt Old Navy | Trousers and Belt ASOS | Shoes Thrifted

I wore this to work. You know how challenging it is to find clothes for work? I usually just wear trousers. This outfit is no different. I mean, we can wear whatever we want at work but I'm not allowed to wear jeans, shorts (unless they're at my knees) or skirts (same principle as shorts). I can wear dresses but they cannot expose your shoulders so a cardigan is a must. Now, I'd be fine with that if it weren't so freaking hot outside. I work at a kiosk at the mall so the sun is constantly in your face, and even though there's air conditioning, it's hot as a result.

Boyfriend got a burrito or something. My friend got a chimichanga and I got an enchilada. I shall note that they ALL look the same and tasted the same. What the hell was the difference, I do not know.

This past weekend me and some friends went out for sushi (I always get it. It is sad. HAHA.) and Mexican food.

I ♥ Lord Voldemort. LOL. The whole outfit is ASOS.

Then we watched the Fringe (again) and we went to watch Harry Potter (I don't like Harry Potter, but I went there with an open mind and it was OK. Not amazing. I actually thought it was hilarious at one part. I don't want to say what part though because it's a spoiler.) we also watched Captain America. It was so-so as well.

So that's my week/weekend. Can you believe it's almost the end of July? Then it'll be August, then September again. Crazy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

174. (Two in a row~)

My title alludes to the fact that this will be my second update this day. I really appreciate your input on my last entry. I'm glad I can empower some of you and if you ever wish to talk to me or e-mail me any questions and comments I'll be glad to speak with you. I'm your friend if you need me, you know? We can support each other. ♥

Dress and belt ASOS | Cardigan Thrifted, GAP | Shoes Dorothy Perkins, thrifted.

Now I digress. My outfit post today. I've never actually SEEN this dress on the ASOS website until I looked in the sales section. At $20 I couldn't say no. It has a cute sweetheart neckline, thick straps and the quality is good for it's price. All that I can ask for. I also need more colour in my wardrobe if I do say so myself. We went out to dim sum but I didn't get pictures. :p Let's just say our bellies are happy. I love siu mai and mango pudding! Yum.

It's ridiculously hot right now so I actually removed that cardigan like an hour later. I forgot to take pictures, shoot.

Hey, until next time everyone. :)

173. (Fat Rule Breaking)

Most of my life as a fat girl I've heard it all. We've all heard it before. You know, how we can't wear something because of our bodies or how we should wear something to look "flattering" or "skinnier".

"You can't wear this!"
"Stripes make you look fat."
"Wearing that will make your hips look BIGGER."
"Black is so slimming for you".
"Hide your arms, etc."

I truly think it's sickening that as a society, we are pushing a certain body type as an ideal for beauty. I think that every body is beautiful anyways. Why is it when we are told what to wear, it always has to pertain to looking skinny, flattening the rolls, etcetera? While fat bodies, or even just curvy or a "bigger body" beyond the ideal is something that should be avoided at all costs. We've socialized ourselves to think that these body ideals are okay when it's not. I'm not shaming skinny people at all, but I am shaming the fat shaming if you get what I'm saying.

Well with that in mind I've grown up now and thanks to the internet and many fashion blogs + fat acceptance blogs I've learned to say, "SCREW IT" to those inane rules and wear whatever the hell I want to wear. In fact, I've taken the liberty to purposely wear things that is considered a big "no-no" for a fatty and I feel good about it. Yeah, some people stare at me or laugh, but so what? Some also applaud me for taking risks with my attire.

Here's a list of rules that I have heard in my lifetime...

We've heard the big fuss about stripes: "Horizontal stripes make you look wider. Only wear vertical stripes." Well, throw that garbage mentality out of the window. No matter WHAT we wear, we will still have our bodies. I am still fat and no amount of clothing (or lack of) can change the fact that I am fat. So I will wear stripes, and I don't apologize for offending anyone while doing so. Here's one of my looks wearing stripes here.

White Clothing
I've heard this one a lot as a kid, "White makes you look WIDER!" It's kind of the same mentality as the horizontal stripes argument. Again, wearing anything but white won't remove the fact I am FAT. So I will wear white. My mom refused to buy me a white graduation dress because it'd make me look "fatter". I am kind of regretting not wearing a white dress to my high school graduation. Here's me sporting an all-white ensemble here.

Colourful Clothing / Patterened clothing
"Wearing colours/patterns will only attract people to look at you." Oh yes, I've heard this one too. You don't know how many times growing up that I was denied to buy any colourful clothing by my parents because it will draw attention onto me. At the time I didn't want attention drawn on me because I was socialized to believe that no one wants to look at a fatty. Now that I reflect on it... what the heck was I thinking? I'm all about fat visibility and if wearing colours will make people notice me, then so be it! I'll vomit a rainbow all over you... haha, just joking. Here's me rockin' a colourful outfit here.

Showing Leg/Skin
"No one wants to look at your thunder thighs/arms". Yeah, I've heard this too. So I covered up as much as possible. I wore longsleeves and really baggy hoodies as a teenager to hide my shape. I was ashamed of myself because... well, it's been ingrained and drilled into my head that you don't question, but you just do it because you are told. Now that I'm a free-thinking adult I bare all the skin I want to. My legs, especially. Here's an outfit I posted on the Evans Facebook page and I got a lot of flack for because it's too short (lol) and my legs were showing. It's sad how the hatred towards fat people can even be internalized inside ourselves. Time to break that mentality and show some skin! ;) If you don't want to go all out you can always wear sheer clothing.

NO skin tight clothing!
With this, it includes swimsuits. I suspect I got flack for my weight a few posts down because I, GASP, wore something FORM FITTING and it reveals my belly! Am I not supposed to wear a bathing suit? Or am I burning your eyes? If it's the latter, it's not my problem if I'm burning your eyes. Go get a fire extinguisher to soothe it then. No fucks will be given to that. I say wear whatever you want. Wear a belly-fitting bathing suit or a bodycon dress. In the end it's how you feel about yourself and not what other people think. Besides, with strangers... you'll never see them again so why let them ruin your fun? This is the bathing suit I wore here, and I'm not sorry.

Oversized Clothing/Shapeless Clothing
I LOVE oversized clothing and clothing that is deemed as a ~tent. I find this kind of stupid because I was told as a teenage fatty that wearing tight things were bad, yet when I wear oversized "shapeless" stuff I am scrutinized too. We never win, do we? I got flack on tumblr for wearing oversized stuff. As seen here. We're told to wear things that give us shape, but then when we do, we're scolded for it. I'm sorry but I don't want to put a belt on everything I wear - so shapeless it is.

Empire Waist Dresses
I love empire waist dresses. I'm sure everyone - either fat or skinny has heard this gem, "AVOID empire waist dresses, they make you look PREGNANT!" Then I guess I will continue to look pregnant then. They're so comfortable, how could I not? Here's my wearing my favourite empire waist maxi dress here.

No skinny jeans or anything high waist
I've seen a Facebook hate group for both of these. Something along the lines that fat people wearing skinny jeans are like sausages and is a crime against humanity. Same with high waist stuff. If I could flip off these people I totally would. There's plenty of people who look smashing in skinny jeans. Here's a picture of me wearing skinny jeans.

I think I've exhausted most of the rules. Bottom line is that these rules are absolute garbage.

Next time you plan an outfit just wear whatever the hell you want. Who invented these stupid rules anyway? We only live once so just wear what you want and pay no heed to those who snicker and laugh. They can only wish they had as much gall as you have. If you're not confident, fake it till you make it. That's what I did and now people laughing is just something that I don't care about. I'd rather be interesting than be a complete bore. :)

So, do you guys regularly break the "fashion rules"? If so, which ones? Do you have any more fashion rules to add that you have been told about that isn't in this blog post? Share please!

Also, a bonus question: Do you guys like these types of blog posts where I still rant but provide relevant ~clothing articles or did you want me to just stick to outfit posts? I'm interested in what you guys think.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Back to our regular scheduled programming! Haha... well, back to "picture/style" blogging. There are times where I am frustrated and I needed to vent, and that previous entry was just me speaking about a common thing that happens for plus size bloggers... but no one really is vocal about that issue. In real life I am no pushover and I am assertive and aggressive so I cannot stand it when people are passive, you know? I just had to blog about it.

Sweater and Shoes Thrifted | Skirt GAP | Socks and Scarf ASOS | Bag Paramix

Now that's over here's an outfit that I wore today. Yeah, whatever. I've heard the "fatties shouldn't wear baggy stuff/oversized stuff" crap enough for a lifetime. I'm going to wear whatever I want because even if it is "unflattering" or it makes me look "fat" ... so what. I'm fat. No garment will ever make me look otherwise. Nothing can erase the fact that I'm fat, so you know, work with it and go crazy! That's what I think anyways.

I'm wearing a fisherman's sweater because it was unusually cold today. From +30C to +15C (ish) it's a big drop today. It was cool enough to wear layers. It's just one of those cold summer days with a chilly breeze. I like it.

I also finally got my headbands from ASOS! I like them a lot though I don't know if I'd buy another one... it seems that it's just a piece of polkadot chiffon cut in a strip. I am really horrible at DIY but it seems easy enough that I can do it.

I'm really sad that summer is already nearing it's end. It feels like it was barely here. One more month, yes? Then back to the same old grind. Oh well!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

171. (Fat Rant.)

*Note: If you don't like swear words, please scroll on by! This text entry has quite a bit of it.

I know this is supposed to be a "fashion blog" but what separates my blog from a fashion blog or style blog is that I'm fat. Fat is what society hates and is disgusted with, and I'm sure a lot of fellow fat people can agree the stigma that is attached to our fat bodies. People think it's okay to humiliate, shame, put down other people because of their bodies. We are perceived as lazy, unmotivated and even ugly individuals by society.

Well, you know what? To those people who think those negative things about us fatties? Fuck you.

You kind of people are the reason why some people have negative self-esteem. It makes me wonder why people put down others. To feel superior? To feel good about oneself? For what? Why is it that some skinny people (or otherwise) think they're better than I am because of their body? I'd rather be a polite person than be a rotten person who goes around putting people down for their appearance.

I know I am blowing this out of proportion, but I just want to get this out there for other people who think they can ask questions about my weight.

Today I got a formspring ask by some anonymous person about my weight. This person tried to use things such as, "I don't mean to be rude, but..." something to that effect. Now, I really hate it when people use that before saying an offensive statement! SAYING NO OFFENSE BUT... or any variation is STILL OFFENSIVE.

This person asked me if I was active and have I ever thought about losing weight.

Why the hell should my weight matter to you, anonymous individual? Why is it so important that you must ask me on formspring about my weight? Why does it matter to you anyways? I don't get it. Why do people think it's okay to ask someone about their weight... any person, for that matter. It's not okay to ask anyone - whether you're skinny or fat, about your weight or health! Besides, if I did answer, "Yes I do exercise" how many people would believe me anyways? People tend to disregard or even scoff at the fact a fat person exercises because... (I quote from someone who told me this once), "If they exercised/dieted, they wouldn't be so fat!" You don't know what experiences or other circumstances that individual is going through at all.

Would you go down the street and ask a stranger about their physical activity? Why is it okay to ask me because I'm fat? It's fucking annoying and I don't care if you "don't mean to be offensive". You are being offensive anyways. Same goes for other personal questions, too. If you wouldn't answer the question you're asking someone yourself, why is it okay to ask anyone else that question you wouldn't answer?

What do you think? Is it okay to ask someone of any size about their weight, health or physical activity?


Bathing suit Esther-williams.com | Shorts F21+ | Top (Below) Thrifted | Sandals Gap

As promised, here's some shots from the beach today.
It was absolutely beautiful out. +30C outside, perfect day to go to the beach. I tanned (unfortunately for me!) but I didn't get burned luckily for me. Some stupid people at the beach were laughing at me, but it's mostly little kids. Oh well, I still thought I looked cute. :)

I'm really insecure about my upper-legs (cellulite) but I've learned to embrace them because it's a part of me.

Me and my swimsuit cover up. The red top is baggier than it looks. The top is from Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line... I bought it from the thrift sore.

Until next time!


What started out as a gloomy day quickly turned into a nice day. I spent time with my dad today at the water park here, I had fun despite feeling a bit sick, but I felt better by the afternoon.

I like this photo even though it's one of those "blooper" photos. Hahah.

Dress ASOS | Jacket Garage Sale | Shoes Spring

So when we got home we changed and my boyfriend and I went on a dinner date plus a movie. If you want a laugh-worthy movie that isn't toilet humour, check out "Horrible Bosses". It's SO good. Everyone at the theatre was laughing out loud and they even clapped after the movie. No movie has made me laugh as much this year as this movie did, so do check it out. I recommend it!

I NEVER eat pasta. I actually don't like pasta (yeah I'm weird) because it makes me tired and within seconds of consumption I am sent into a deep food coma. (Also known as passing out after eating) even just with a few bites. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try this cajun pasta dish. I have to say it's not bad. I guess like fashion, sometimes you gotta take risks with your food. We also ordered dessert. My boyfriend got the cookie sundae and I got the lava cake. It was too sweet for my liking though. Oh well.

Anyways, I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Hopefully I can get pictures of that.
Until next time everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

168. (Who wants glasses? - Giveaway)

Top ASOS | Shorts Vintage | Necklace ALDO | Shoes F21

I know, I know. You guys are probably thinking, "Wtf is she wearing?" My boyfriend said the same thing. I am wearing the infamous mom shorts. You know, the kind of shorts you see on Tumblr? With skinny girls though with their vintage levi's and they cut up the legs so it's like hotpants. I can tell you with certainty that I didn't get a wedgie (only because mine are actually shorts and not denim panties, ahem ahem.) but it makes it look like I have a gratuitous camel toe which all mom shorts/pants are famous for. It's my tummy that you see on the pictures in all it's glory. Haters gonna hate.

I wanted to showcase my new glasses from Clearly Contacts. I LOVE 'em! I don't get why I get dizzy. I measured my pupillary distance and prescription all correct so I don't know why it's all wonky. I felt drunk wearing these glasses. Ah well.

Speaking of glasses, who wants a free pair of glasses?! I got like a billion gift cards from Clearly Contacts.ca. There's a catch though. You MUST BE from CANADA to enter. I'm sorry my American readers, I don't think this gift card works for you guys. (Though if you have a friend who can ship to you, that'd be a bonus n'est pas?!)

Free Glasses Giveaway
- You must be Canadian (or have a Canadian shipping address) to participate.

To enter:
- Comment on this post with your e-mail address or blog.

For extra entries:
- Tweet: Omg, free glasses! @gazelma is giving it out on her blog: http://bonjourgazel.com
- Add me on Twitter: @Gazelma
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- Go on Clearlycontacts.ca and tell me which glasses you'd buy with this gift card.
- Be my follower on Google Reader
- Fan me on Lookbook: Gazel's Lookbook
- Blog about it on your blog. Leave the link please.

That's it that's all folks! I will close this giveaway in 2-3 weeks.
Bon soiree!
Spread the word.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Dress ASOS | Socks H&M | Shoes Thrifted

I'm not saying much today because I am dying of a migraine which I think might've been induced by the dairy intake I had today. I had bubble tea with my boyfriend and the mass amount of milk made me sick. NEVER again. I don't know what made me go and do something stupid and drink a MALT bubble tea (I am mildly allergic to malt and I am lactose intolerant) but I do regret it now. LOL. At least I looked pretty. ^o^

Friday, July 1, 2011

166. (Simply Yours Lingerie)

For the past few years I did not know how it felt like to have such difficulty finding comfortable bras. I used to have B cups and it was easy to find them at a 40 B or 38 B. However, I've gained weight the past couple of years and sad to say, my bras no longer fit so I shopped for newer bras that fit my 42 DD chest.

Needless to say, I never knew how difficult it was to find bras that gave support and didn't look matronly - plus fitting larger sizes. In Canada, the selection is absolutely abysmal. We don't have Cacique bras or Lane Bryant bras. We only have one national chain and that's from Addition-Elle. When I used to wear B cup bras it was a lot cheaper for me so when I saw the prices for plus size bras I was absolutely sticker-shocked at the big price jump. I was used to buying $20 bras from La Senza and now I'd have to pay $60 - $70 for a bra.

Thank goodness for online shopping. After browsing through several online shops, I was contacted by Simply Yours UK about their plus size line. When I saw their lingerie selection, I fell in love with the wide variety! They offer minimizer bras, plunge bras, push up bras, underwire bras, sports bras and a lot more.

Besides the wonderful selection, their prices are completely reasonable. Doing the conversion from British Pounds to Canadian dollars, the average bra costs from $29 to $85 dollars at the most. Sizes also range from A cups to H cups, which is nice for those who are more endowed. You can look at their Large Cup Bra selection to see for yourself!

What would you like to see more in plus size lingerie? What are some pet peeves? Do looks matter to you in terms of undergarments? I'd love to hear what you guys think!