Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay so I GUESS this outfit was yesterday's outfit.

Shirt Old Navy | Trousers and Belt ASOS | Shoes Thrifted

I wore this to work. You know how challenging it is to find clothes for work? I usually just wear trousers. This outfit is no different. I mean, we can wear whatever we want at work but I'm not allowed to wear jeans, shorts (unless they're at my knees) or skirts (same principle as shorts). I can wear dresses but they cannot expose your shoulders so a cardigan is a must. Now, I'd be fine with that if it weren't so freaking hot outside. I work at a kiosk at the mall so the sun is constantly in your face, and even though there's air conditioning, it's hot as a result.

Boyfriend got a burrito or something. My friend got a chimichanga and I got an enchilada. I shall note that they ALL look the same and tasted the same. What the hell was the difference, I do not know.

This past weekend me and some friends went out for sushi (I always get it. It is sad. HAHA.) and Mexican food.

I ♥ Lord Voldemort. LOL. The whole outfit is ASOS.

Then we watched the Fringe (again) and we went to watch Harry Potter (I don't like Harry Potter, but I went there with an open mind and it was OK. Not amazing. I actually thought it was hilarious at one part. I don't want to say what part though because it's a spoiler.) we also watched Captain America. It was so-so as well.

So that's my week/weekend. Can you believe it's almost the end of July? Then it'll be August, then September again. Crazy.


  1. I have been wanting some red(are they red?)  trousers for a while.  I love that top it looks comfy but still cute.  

  2. Cute outfit! I understand your frustration with the heat. Working in crowded places in the summer is the worst!

  3. cute as always, i love that color!
    and i have to give my input on how the three meals SHOULD be different...chimichanga is a burrito, just deep fried! and burrito vs. enchilada is that enchiladas are made with small, corn tortillas covered in a chili sauce and cheese (usually only contain cheese, chicken, or pork) while a burrito is made with a very large flour tortilla and has a variety of ingredients (though from the picture it looks like your boyfriend got a wet burrito where they add sauce/cheese on top...usually they are just dry!)
    ...girl you know i'm passionate about my mexican food *_*
    and! i just saw HP last night and there totally were some hilarious parts!!

  4. I LOVE the trousers. Omg, I'd wear them in a heartbeat!

    Looking good! :)

  5. LOL I knew they're not authentic. I hated eating there. Never again. :)
    Thanks for your info.
    And LOL, "HARRY POTTER IS DEAD... EHHH HEH HEH" ROFL and the hug hahahahahah

  6. They're kind of a dark orange. :) They're nice!

  7. I love your trousers, they're so cute...high-waisted everything is my favorite. And they look really good on you :D

  8. halloweenvalentinesJuly 25, 2011 at 12:07 AM

    haha, glad to hear you thought harry potter was just okay, cuz i didn't enjoy it at all! so tired of all the rave reviews. (i liked the part 1 tho). 

    anywho, do you not eat mexican food often?

  9. Thanks! :D
    I love high-waisted stuff forever haha.

  10. The belt and shoes were made for each other! Love the whole outfit- looks VERY put together. 

  11. That food looks delish! And the outfit was amazing too!

  12. asdkjalsjd FOOD LOOKS AMAZING! Ahhh. I'm literally drooling on the keyboard right now. Okay. Not literally. BUT IT DOES LOOK AMAZING!

    Adn you look amazing too! Perfect work outfit! Those pants are, um, EXTREMELY FIERCE. I looove the colour.

  13. Erin_PlusSizedPrettyJuly 28, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    I love this outfit so much! you are too cute.

  14. You're cute as well. :D <3 Thanks.

  15. Thank YOUUUU.
    I love my pants too, heehee

  16. Thanks!
    You're from Ottawa? Totally checking your blog out. x

  17. I don't eat Mexican food often, no. :(
    I don't think I want to haha. IDK, I'll go to Mexico or California to eat Mexican food but I should've known better than to trust a restaurant in the prairies hee hee.

    I didn't really like the HP2 tbh, (the 2nd part of 7th movie.)

  18. haha! the Mexican food comment is hilarious!! so true, though :) your work outfit is so cute! relaxed yet pretty smart; you`re lucky to work somewhere were you can wear your own clothes - uniforms are extremely unflattering, haha!

  19. I just saw HP tonight! pretty sure I cried the whole way through!


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