Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Man, this week has been mad hectic for me. If you were following my twitter I tweeted about being in the emergency room. I still don't know what I have but thankfully it wasn't an aneurism or meningitis because I think I would've cried from stress.
Today I just went out to drop off some resumes despite feeling a bit ill, so this explains why I've been dressed up despite my health conditions. Anyway...

Top and Satchel Thrifted | Shoes and Trousers Forever 21 | Belt ASOS

These are one of those outfits where people would be like, "OH so unflattering... blah blah etc." Not like I care. You know we as a society should just stop caring about what people think; about us, about how we look, and about how we present ourselves. I think what helped me overcome my confidence hurdles was to start dressing for myself. No one else. Do not think about impressing anyone else, and dress to please yourself. Needless to say, I was pleased with this outfit. Yes, I may look "wider" but I'm fat so not like it matters anyways. The pictures do no justice to this top, it's an incredible thrift find... it's a silk blend oversized shirt, it's almost big enough on me to be a dress.

Sometimes I need a break from dresses and skirts, you know. Pants rule sometimes... sometimes. On another note, I also got a haircut if you guys noticed, no more fringe. I'll be growing it out! Hurray? Haha.

Hopefully I can squeeze in an outfit post before I go out to Northern Ontario to go camping.

Until next time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It was fairly cold today for a picnic, which is where we went today. Cold weather equals layers! Not gonna lie, I'm excited for fall to start. I really felt good in this outfit - it's quirky, feminine and is ME. Notice my hair growing? Yeah. I'm getting rid of my bangs, I think I said this last time but I've been doing my hair like this and I've gotten compliments. I also kind of miss looking at my eyebrows. I found bangs as a cop-out and excuse not to pluck.

Blouse Thrifted | Skirt Ricki's | Cardigan American Apparel | Belt ASOS | Socks Jacob | Shoes Forever 21 | Glasses Derek Cardigan

This outfit in particular is composed of a bunch of bargains! This shirt was from $2.99 at Goodwill, the skirt was brand new on sale at Ricki's for $5 and the belt itself that seems to pop up at a bunch of my outfits was $10 on sale at the ASOS sale. It's $6.95 now if you guys are interested, I think I just may buy a backup one in case this one gets worn out!

It's all work no play right now, guys. I'm so busy. I actually have to get back to work ... among my other 4 jobs. I'll catch you all later!

Until next time.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Top Winners | Skirt Thrifted | Belt ASOS | Shoes Payless Shoe Source

Finally after a few weeks, an outfit post! Did you miss me?! I sure missed posting outfit posts. My camera has been out of commission for a while now due to a faulty SD card, but hey, I'm back and here's my outfit for today.

I am in love with this skirt I thrifted, you've all seen it before. It's a lovely floral chiffon pleated skirt and I revolved my outfit around soft-feminine looks and this is what I came up with. My hair has been getting long and I like it too... should I grow out my bangs? What do you think?

Enjoying the last of my summer before it ends. What is everyone up to this summer?