Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I really, really love head bands/head scarves. I must say, it's one of my favourite trends this spring and summer. It's perfect for a lazy person like me who doesn't want to straighten hair, or do anything with it, to be honest. It's a lot more interesting than a messy bun, for sure.

Top, Scarf and Cardigan Thrifted | Shorts Forever 21 + | Shoes Style 369

Shorts are also probably one of the things I love about the summer. I don't care if I have big, fat, thunder thighs and everyone stares. Haters are going to hate, and yes, people have stared at me. :) Not like I care what they think, of course! I'm still going to wear stuff I LOVE.

As for me, right now, I'm pooped from spring session courses + just stuff in general. I think after this I'm either going to play L.A. Noire (!!) or I'm gonna go nap/sleep.

Toodles everyone!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

155. (Eccentric.)

The wind = not good for skirts.

My mom told me I dress too "eccentric" and colourful. I just had to, given today, it was +17C outside (but it was terribly windy) with such sunny skies! I found this pink scarf my friend gave me and used it as a head wrap because I didn't feel like washing my bangs or hair. My mom wanted to go out to some rummage sales (my favourite weekend activity) so I did just that. People were staring at my colourful outfit, and I honestly couldn't give a heck about it. Stare all you want! We went to McDonalds, where people stared, the mall - the only place they didn't stare is the rummage sales. Haters gon' hate.

Top and Socks H&M | Jacket Garage Sale | Skirt eBay via Dorothy Perkins | Shoes and Mustard bag Thrifted | Scarf worn on my head Gifted by my bff. :)

Not a stain on my shirt, it's my camera lens that needs cleaning haha.

Don't you love it when you re-discover new pieces? :)
I'm gonna be wearing scarves on my head now, no matter how bizarre it is. I'm too cheap to buy the (overpriced) headbands from American Apparel, given how pretty they are, I'm not sure if I'm willing to buy silk headbands with wire in them for almost $20. No thank you!

By the way if you have time check out the nice feature I got from My Thrifted Closet! I'm an avid thrifter so I just had to answer her questions.

Oh, sometime this week I will host another sale. I'm purging a lot of my clothes.

See you all again next time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

154. (Food, food, food..)

Blazer and Shorts Forever 21+ | Tank Top ASOS Curve | Belt Addition-Elle | Shoes Style 369

Not much of an outfit post. This was an outfit I wore like last week to eat shawarma. Nothing exciting, so I'll just dump some food photographs here. After all, it's not just a "fashion" (I use this term very loosely) blog, but it's a blog of my life, which includes food.

One of my favourite teas right now. If you are fortunate to have a DAVIDsTEA in your area, do try the Luscious Watermelon tea! It's excellent iced... It's a beautiful tasting tea with real watermelon, honeydew and apples! Dee-lish!

Beef Shawarma. If you're in Winnipeg, do try the Shawarma place (I don't know what it's called, fail.) on Main Street in the Kildonan area (the road going to Selkirk, the city.) You can't miss it, it says "Lebanese Food" on the sign. They have affordable and generous shawarmas and falafel wraps at a fair price.

Honey Milk Boba Tea ♥

We had Mother's Day Dinner at Tomy Roma's! The first picture is mine, which has ribs + chicken + bacon macaroni and cheese + broccoli... I couldn't finish the ribs, I gave it to my mom, and the mac and cheese I gave half to my brother.

Boyfriend's Foccacia Club. Apparently it was good.

Mom's steak + ribs + coleslaw + broccoli. I tried her steak, it's dynamite!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just getting back into the swing of things. School, a bit of part time work, and studying. After the odd snowfall in May, the sun decided to rear its head. I'm glad for that as I love exposing leg!

Romper Forever 21 | Cardigan City Chic | Belt Thrifted | Shoes Style 369

It was nice out so I wore my romper. One thing that annoyed me is it was too flowy that it kind of gaped a bit, giving the illusion of tightness or camel toe, which I did not have. I SWEAR. Stupid photos. I still love it nonetheless, but it is quite annoying! I love the cardigan from City Chic - I ordered in a Medium, fits perfectly, and the fabric is soft - I love it so much. I like mixing patterns, and this is what I did with my leopard flats.

For Canadians - did anyone else watch the election last night? I'm still quite gutted over the result. CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY. Ugh. I'm still so mad. I knew that Jack Layton as a Prime Minister is a dream and a fantasy, but honestly, anyone but Harper! I hate Stephen Harper and I'm going to express that on my blog... It really bothers me when young people or anyone for that matter don't exercise their privilege and rights to vote. I honestly spoke with some people on campus and the response was appalling. It was along the lines of, "I don't care" or "I'm too lazy" or "My TV show is on." Voting is fast and you have the official election day and 3 advanced days to vote... really, if people aren't going to vote then they should shut up when they complain about the government. Sorry I'm going on a political rant here on my blog, but it's something that I'm clearly feeling quite strongly about. I guess it's another 4 years of ... well, we'll see. Let's just hope it's not what I feared it to be.

Until next time!