Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm FINALLY done my Christmas shopping! (Well, yesterday). This was yesterday's outfit. I found the dress at Value Village for $4. To my surprise, it's from Swak Designs and it's this dress. I was stoked to find it - and it's so pretty! I did not feel like wearing pants yesterday despite the chilly weather, so dress it is!

Dress Thrifted, SWAK Designs | Cardigan City Chic | Belt ASOS | Tights Sears | Shoes Thrifted

I'm not even supposed to be blogging today, I'm supposed to be cooking for tonight... so I guess I will cut this short and have a happy holidays everyone.

PS: I will be doing a circle lens review sometime this week, on the request of some readers. Stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Skirt and Top F21 | Tights eBay | Scarf Spring | Everything Else Thrifted

Here I present two outfits with one common item (okay, maybe two - can you guess what it is?) It is now I realised I love red and I own quite a bit of red stuff... oh well!

The red cardigan I bought from a thrifting trip moons ago, it reminded me of Christmas and the detailing pretty much sold me on the spot. I've worn it a few times but I've never had the opportunity to photograph it on the blog, so here it is.

Dress Dorothy Perkins | Tights eBay | Belt ASOS | Everything Else Thrifted

The dress, on the other hand, is from Dorothy Perkins from a sale a few seasons ago - what I'd like to call a "mullet dress". Obscenely short at the front, and long at the bottom. I did not get an opportunity to take a picture but I promise I did not flash anything, haha.

I went Christmas shopping today and I'm glad I'm almost done. This is probably the first time in forever that I actually am a bit late on my Christmas shopping. I can't believe Christmas is this weekend already (which means afterwards, school will be here soon...) - what are your guys' plans?!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Top, Shoes, Bag, and Cardigan Thrifted | Scarf, Ring, and Shorts Forever 21 | Tights Addition-Elle

The weather is nice despite there being snow on the ground. Enough for me to take pictures outside sans jacket, at least! I know a lot of people hate shorts with tights but I love them - it feels like wearing a skirt, and I don't feel self-conscious sometimes when the wind blows your skirt up. Paired with these really super-opaque and thick Addition-Elle tights, it's perfect!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Now that I'm finally done school, I can post outfits. Today I wore this out to go Christmas shopping (t'was a bust) and go on a date with my boyfriend because we haven't been spending time with each other since he works a lot and it was exam season - so it was nice to go out without exam anxiety looming over our heads. This outfit is fairly simple... no bells and whistles. Also, indoor shooting sucks (I forgot to use my other lens) so this is the only picture I have today.

Jumper Gap | Peter Pan Collar Top Dorothy Perkins | Skirt Forever 21 | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes and Belt Thrifted

I think I'm getting the winter blues - or just vacation blues in general. What to do when I'm not studying? I'm extremely bored at home - playing the Sims 3 just doesn't cut it. I also haven't found a good television show to watch either. Any suggestions?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

209. (Outfits I've never published... until now.)

Sometimes, I'm too lazy to post an outfit post. Sometimes, I feel like maybe the outfit doesn't warrant it's own entry? Either way, just as the title says... it's outfits I've never posted until now. Think of it as a compilation of blooper shots. Yeah, that's what it is. This ranged throughout the year.

Top, Cardigan and Shoes Thrifted | Skirt and Scarf F21 | Tights Sears | Socks Joe Fresh

Top and Shoes Thrifted | Tights Addition-Elle | Belt and Skirt ASOS

Top Zara | Shorts and Belt ASOS | Tights Addition-Elle | Shoes Style 369

Top and Jacket ASOS | Scarf Spring | Skirt F21 | Tights Walmart | Shoes Thrifted

Top Old Navy | Cardigan Ralph Lauren | Skirt ASOS | Bag Paramix | Shoes and Belt Thrifted

Cardigan Thrifted | Scarf Smart Set | Belt ASOS | Leggings and Boots Target

Top Gap | Dress ASOS | Tights Walmart | Shoes Thrifted

I'm laughing at some of them right now. I don't mind sharing the humour. :p
Until next time!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Top and Socks Joe Fresh | Shorts and Belt ASOS | Tights Sears | Cardigan and Shoes Thrifted

Hi everyone, here's a new update for today. Did some holiday shopping and some errands. (Oh, and I'm playing the Sims 3 Pets currently. Love it.) Here's my outfit I wore today - super comfortable.

So, I'm still getting used to the contact lenses! It's just so weird seeing me without my glasses. I know I keep talking about glasses and my face, but glasses are like... my identity - my second skin! It's so weird. It's like my safety blanket, you know?

For those who are looking for over-the-knee socks and are Canadian (or live in NYC), look no further! Joe Fresh has $5 socks! Such a good deal. I love Joe Fresh... seriously, even though it's like from a grocery store (though now they're stepping it up and having stand alone stores) they have awesome makeup and clothing for very affordable prices - and it's trendy. Gotta love it.

Until next time.