Monday, January 2, 2012

219. (Geo Bambi Green Apple Circle Lens Review)

As promised, my first circle lens review on this blog! I've recently gotten into using circle lenses just because I wanted to try something different and I was tired of wearing heavy things on my face all the time.
I secretly (well not so secretly) love the ulzzang look (from my 'weeaboo' days, haha) and I've always been fascinated with circle lenses so I took the plunge and ordered some online. However, there are precautions with ordering contact lenses online, of course! Here's some important things I should note before I start on my review:

1. I have astigmatism but the lenses I use are non-toric because they are more inexpensive than the toric kinds. HOWEVER, I spoke to my optometrist before ordering spherical lenses and he said it was okay. ALWAYS consult your optometrist before getting contact lenses fitted. Usually, the diameters on the circle lenses are 8.6 base curve (that's the average, apparently, for a person) - but if you are unsure still, I'd arrange for a contact lens fitting.
2. I did not get paid to do these reviews. Some curious readers asked me about circle lenses and I did tons of research on Google as well before buying these.
3. For more information I recommend Soompi's circle lens faq. Super helpful and informative.
4. Another note, these are prescription lenses. Again, order the right prescription before you order. If you do not wear prescription most circle lenses come in "plano" (0.00 power, pretty much) if you just want for purely cosmetic reasons. All the lenses I buy have prescription. Most lenses go up to -10.00. For reference, mine were (Left eye: -5.50, Right Eye: -6.50).

GEO Bambi Green Apple Circle Lens (Princess Mimi Series)
Bought from

Style: 8/10
Comfort: 5/10
Enlargement: 10/10
Total: 7.6/10
Other information: Diameter 15 mm, Base Curve 8.7, Water Content 38%

Comparison of enlargement

When I was a kid, I wanted green eyes. They're so beautiful and I'm forever envious of green eyed people, to be honest. Haha, anyways - that reason was obvious enough for me to order these lenses. They're a beautiful emerald green and they look as promised on the stock photograph on the website. After reading such high reviews on these series, I had to order it. I have ordered GEO medical lenses and they were by no means uncomfortable.

Pros: These lenses are beautiful and give very big enlargement. At 15 mm, it delivers. It's very green and they WILL make you stand out, especially if green is not your natural eye colour. So bravo on this part.

Cons: These lenses are VERY VERY uncomfortable. I can only wear them for a maximum of 6 hours before I decide to throw the towel. With it's 15 mm diameter, as with many circle lenses, they dry out your eyes very quickly with only a 38% water content on these particular contact lenses. I had to use eye drops multiple times and it still made it uncomfortable for me. They did not burn by any means, but you can tell when your eyes are tired.

Here's me making a pouty face and failing, lol.

Overall, I would not order the Bambi series again. They made my eyes obviously unnatural looking and for the discomfort - it is not enough for me to reach out and put on these pairs on the regular.


  1. Your eyes look super cute and doe like in that last picture, but definitely not worth being so uncomfortable. I've avoided circle lenses because I have enough issues with my regular contact lenses (I don't think I could even get bigger lenses in)

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Ah, what a shame as they look so pretty. I got some white zombie ones for Halloween a couple of years ago and they were SO uncomfortable and obscured my peripheral vision. Not good. I have astigmatism, too!

  4. I was apprehensive about the comfort of circle lenses - but in general it's these ones that hurt like a bitch! No go for bigger diameters for me.

  5. They are so pretty, I think I might have gotten a bad batch.

  6. Wow! I cannot believe circle lenses actually come with prescription... would you mind telling me whether these can actually replace your glasses? Could you see just fine?

    Also, you remind me of Angelina Jolie here XD It's too bad they hurt your eyes!

  7. hhaha thanks!
    they do come in prescriptions. i guess they can, not just too often. wearing them for over 8 hours is not recommended. i can see very well with these.

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  9. wow! i also like this one..those greens are really gorgeous!


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