Tuesday, January 3, 2012

222. (GEO Nudy Brown Circle Lens Review)

The following contact lenses I will be reviewing for this entry is the Geo Nudy Series, again, from Honeycolor.com! These lenses were my first ever circle lenses and I wear these ones often. Again, before I begin with the review, here are some disclaimers:

1. I have astigmatism but the lenses I use are non-toric because they are more inexpensive than the toric kinds. HOWEVER, I spoke to my optometrist before ordering spherical lenses and he said it was okay. ALWAYS consult your optometrist before getting contact lenses fitted. Usually, the diameters on the circle lenses are 8.6 base curve (that's the average, apparently, for a person) - but if you are unsure still, I'd arrange for a contact lens fitting.
2. I did not get paid to do these reviews. Some curious readers asked me about circle lenses and I did tons of research on Google as well before buying these.
3. For more information I recommend Soompi's circle lens faq. Super helpful and informative.
4. Another note, these are prescription lenses. Again, order the right prescription before you order. If you do not wear prescription most circle lenses come in "plano" (0.00 power, pretty much) if you just want for purely cosmetic reasons. All the lenses I buy have prescription. Most lenses go up to -10.00. For reference, mine were (Left eye: -5.50, Right Eye: -6.50).

GEO Nudy Series in Brown
Bought from Honeycolor.com

Style: 9/10
Comfort: 8.5/10
Enlargement: 7/10
Total: 8.2/10
Other information: Diameter 14 mm, Base Curve 8.6, Water Content 38%

Comparison of enlargement .

With flash.

Without flash.

As stated above, these were my first ever circle lenses. I was gravitated to them due to the cool pattern that is shown on the website. The reviews all beamed at how natural these looked, and that was what I was going for: I wanted a natural looking circle lens that offered the "doll look" but still did not make it obvious. However, once out of the vial and in my eyes I noticed they did not look natural overall - but by no means did I dislike them.

Pros: These are absolutely beautiful circle lenses. It's unique with it's brown pattern, they will certainly make you stand out but not too much. It's not as obvious when you're far away, but when you're looking at someone in the eyes they will comment on it (and I have gotten comments on it!). They're also very comfortable for a contact lens - I was able to wear these (though not recommended for obvious reasons) for about 12 hours and I only needed to use eye drops a few times in the day. (Just to note I have dry eyes in general). The price is great for $17.00~ a pair as well!

Cons: Do not get these if you want a fully natural look. The pixelation on the lens makes it look reptilian-like, if I do say so myself. That's not a problem for me - but in particular, the browns are a very light brown and with flash, I remind myself of the Cullens (haha). Otherwise, no complaints here - they're comfortable, affordable, and cute.

If you feel like you've seen this picture before it is because I used it in an earlier entry some weeks ago.

I would order these again, and in fact, I will be once the expiry date kicks in. These are my go-to lens when I just want to look casual. There's no dramatic enlargement which makes it ideal if you don't want to look too alien-like or Lady Gaga-esque in the Bad Romance video. 


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  2. Hi. Nice post! =) i've been using  GEO circle lens too. I have angel black. if you wanna see my review, pls drop by: 


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