Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sorry it's been quiet on my side of the internet. I've been so busy that I forgot to even take pictures of my outfits... let alone blogging them. It's the end of the term and it's starting to slow down a bit, so I did get to snap some pictures while it was nice outside and that my photographer boyfriend was home as well!

Dress Taobao | Belt and shoes Thrifted | Tights Simons | Cardigan F21

Expect it to be quiet for a bit. Exams are this month and I should really be doing my term papers and studying. So, until next time... whenever that may be.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Dress ASOS | Sweater ASOS | Shoes Thrifted | Socks Joe Fresh

Sorry about my absence from the blog-o-sphere; I've had a rough two weeks. It's my first time being an activist (and then planning stuff for said cause). In other words, I'm being a big fat trouble maker - and it's actually quite fun, and I've developed new friendships as a result. I've never been one to engage in extracurricular activities in school, I was mainly coming and going - doing homework, etc. But I quite like this thing where I have a bit of a "social life" beyond my usual group of friends!

Anyways, here's an outfit I wore yesterday to school. I've been dying to wear these studded shoes. They're gorgeous, bought it for only $3 brand new at the thrift store. What else could I want?! Thanks for reading guys. Stay tuned for a giveaway and a review this week! You guys will LOVE it.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Dress and belt ASOS | Cardigan F21 | Shoes Thrifted

Wore this today to school. It was a busy day... and from what it looks like, it'll be an even busier week. So I enjoyed myself today by going out with some friends and having burgers and shopping. I'm indulging in the spring weather, as you can see - I love my pastels and florals!

This weekend I'll probably be working on school work and such, but it'll all be worth it in two weeks when school is out for the summer (or at least a month for myself).

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Top Winners | Skirt Dorothy Perkins | Belt ASOS | Socks Jacob | Shoes Thrifted

Today was just the perfect weather to go out ... and bare-legged! (Unfortunately it was dark when I took the picture because I came back from school, work, and then a dinner and movie date). I've always wanted to wear this outfit in the winter but I didn't think I could handle the chill. Colour blocking for the win!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

235. (Spring has sprung... at last!)

Dress H&M | Top Old Navy | Collar Romwe | Shoes Steve Madden, thrifted | Bag Thrifted | Socks ASOS

At last, spring is finally here! NO SNOW. NONE WHATSOEVER. It melted! This is just the beginning.. for me this means bringing out the brights, the florals, and the dresses! BRING IT ON! Yes, this post warrants lots of capitalizations because that is how happy and excited I am!

School is almost done which means I can finally get back to blogging soon. Until then!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey, all! I've been itching to update so here's one for the blog. I ♥ blogging but there's some days I'm so tired and I forget to take a picture. No excuses, I will try very hard to update regularly. As for my life, nothing exciting. So many papers due soon, and then finals... and then freedom! Gotta hang in there for one more month.

Sweater ASOS | Skirt and Scarf F21 | Shoes Doc Martens, thrifted

This outfit was from this past weekend. To be honest, I forget what I did this past weekend, haha! I know I wanted something comfortable, hence a jumper and a skirt. I've also been scolded that I don't wear my glasses enough lately so I wore these funky ones (I once got asked if they were real before, hah!) to go out.

LOL yes, that's toilet paper in the background. I had to wipe the counter with something... don't ask.

Dress Vintage, thrifted | Belt Dorothy Perkins | Shoes Steve Madden, thrifted | Blouse underneath Dorothy Perkins | Tights OneStopPlus

This outfit, I've been dying to wear. You have NO idea how much I want to wear romantic, sweet, girly things! I found this dress at Value Village's 50% off day for... drumroll please... $3.00! I found this lovely vintage dress for $3.00, everyone! I know. I'm dying inside too. I just love it - it's so girly, sweet, and it fits real nicely! What a great purchase for me... I get really happy when I find inexpensive and sweet looking deals. (If you like finding sweet deals too, enjoy these Torrid coupons here to find some new accessories!)

Speaking of deals, I tried the lip butter from Revlon since they were on sale at Shopper's. I used to hate on them, but after giving them another chance I quite like the hydration and colour payoff. I'm actually wearing the Red Velvet colour in these pictures.

I'm supposed to be cleaning and doing homework now. So I'll leave it here for now.

Until next time.