Thursday, June 28, 2012

250. (Dizoneye Circle Lenses Review)

The circle lenses I have here today are the Dizoneye blue lenses from Lens Village.  Before I begin with the review, here are some disclaimers:

1. I have astigmatism but the lenses I use are non-toric because they are more inexpensive than the toric kinds. HOWEVER, I spoke to my optometrist before ordering spherical lenses and he said it was okay. ALWAYS consult your optometrist before getting contact lenses fitted. Usually, the diameters on the circle lenses are 8.6 base curve (that's the average, apparently, for a person) - but if you are unsure still, I'd arrange for a contact lens fitting.
2. I did not get paid to do these reviews. Some curious readers asked me about circle lenses and I did tons of research on Google as well before buying these.
3. For more information I recommend Soompi's circle lens faq. Super helpful and informative.
4. Another note, these are prescription lenses. Again, order the right prescription before you order. If you do not wear prescription most circle lenses come in "plano" (0.00 power, pretty much) if you just want for purely cosmetic reasons. All the lenses I buy have prescription. Most lenses go up to -10.00. For reference, mine were (Left eye: -5.50, Right Eye: -6.50).

Dizoneye Circle Lenses

Style: 7.5/10
Comfort: 6/10
Enlargement: 7/10
Total: 6.8/10
Other information: Diameter 14.5 mm, Base Curve 8.6, Water Content 38%

Comparison of enlargement. (I don't really have symmetrical eyes, haha, I also have a lazy eye.)

No flash, under indoor lighting.

With flash.

I've always wanted to try blue circle lens but I didn't know where to begin. I love the way the GEO Nudy series looks, but I wanted something different because I already had a pair of brown ones. I also wanted to try a different brand of circle lenses because I found that GEO and my eyes aren't a match made in heaven - GEO dries out my eyes quite a bit, which is a pity because they're one of the brands that has the most selection for circle lenses.

I also wanted to try a new shop. I've tried Korea Big Eyes and Honeycolor, but Lens Village seemed like a good choice too. Their shipping was very prompt and I got my circle lenses in about a week and a half, so kudos to them! They also give you a free animal-shaped case.

After going through many brands and pictures and doing some research of my own, I decided I would try something different and try Dizoneye circle lenses.

Pros: I was expecting something a bit darker after looking at internet pictures of people wearing Dizoneye - instead, they're a nice vibrant blue even without the flash. The enlargement isn't too shabby either. Aesthetic-wise, Dizoneye delivers.

Cons: Unfortunately, they're very uncomfortable. I could only last a few hours wearing these contact lenses. They dried up my eyes and I needed to use drops a lot. They have 38% water content (like GEOs) and to be honest I kind of expected the discomfort.

To be quite honest I do not think I'd get the Dizoneye brand again. As stated above, they're not very comfortable and there are better looking lenses out there, or about the same in appearance that have a higher water content. If your eyes aren't as sensitive and you want a deep dark blue like above, maybe it's good for cosplaying or if you just want a dramatic look.


  1. oh they look great, thank you so much for sharing your opinion! :)

  2. They look so nice !! T__T I'm actually very paranoid with lenses that claims to dry out the eye ,but ooooh WHY DO THEY LOOK SO NICE ?? TAAT Any way very good review !! Finally found a circle lenses which is a bit more noticeable xD

  3. they're very noticeable but it's just so uncomfortable! i wish my eyes could tolerate more T__T


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