Monday, July 30, 2012


As I was sitting here eating my century-egg congee, I was wondering if I will regret posting this outfit post. I mean... just looking at these pictures stir some not-so-pleasant feelings inside. For one, these pictures aren't the best (still waiting for my camera charger) and second, when I wore this outfit I had the most dreadful evening. I had a bad argument with Gab (my fiance!) over something trivial and stupid and to top it all off, it was pretty much the last day for the Winnipeg Fringe festival and we missed both of the shows I desperately wanted to see because they were sold out - despite being 2 hours early for each show. Bleh.

On another note, here's a brief 'review' on this ASOS dress. It is still available for sale here!

Dress ASOS (available here) | Belt Thrifted | Shoes JC Penney (similar)

ASOS Curve Summer Dress with Collar

Sizing: This dress I bought in a UK 24 or US 20. I usually buy my clothes on ASOS at a size UK 26 (US 22) if the material is cotton or not stretchy. I tried ordering a UK 26 because I was weary of the "mini skirt" style being too short (as ASOS dresses usually run short) and it was too long, and way too big! I was swimming in fabric and the bust was way too big, even belting it didn't do the trick. As usual in ASOS Curve the sizing was on the big size. Even at a UK 24 the bust is still kind of loose, but a belt will do the trick.

Quality: The quality is okay. The material is cotton and it is pretty 'light' in terms of going out on a hot day. It wrinkles, however, as you can see - even just freshly steaming or ironing this dress didn't sort out the wrinkly situation. 

Similarities to Website: Colour is true to picture. It isn't red, but a coral-like colour. The skirt looks way too short on the model but at 5'5" it's a bit above my knee so I don't have to worry about accidentally flashing someone. 

Final Verdict: Love this dress aside that it wrinkles so much. Size down from your usual size for this dress, like I said, it runs large! 

Until next time,


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Saturday, July 28, 2012


There's lots of things I regret in life right now. Among them is the fact that I shouldn't have cut my bangs on impulse because I watched a Youtube video showing me how to cut them in an ~innovative~ way and inexpensive way. Well, that came to bite me in the ass: I had to go to the salon to fix it, and even then it's not that great because I screwed up royally. Also, since my hair is fried from all the processing I got it trimmed - trimming a good 1-2 inches in the process. When I saw my hair on the salon floor I weeped inside.
The other thing I strongly regret is that I lost my charger for my good camera and because of it I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail! So now you will have to deal with these out-of-focus pictures until I do get it back.

Top Thrifted  | Belt Thrifted (similar) | Skirt Modcloth (available here) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Shoes Dorothy Perkins (sold out, similar here)

But hey, there's things that I am glad for - like the summer and being able to go to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival (By the way, I strongly recommend seeing Dungeons and Dragons Improv IV - hilarious stuff!) and being able to wear skirts without suffering in the heat. Or that I solved a DIY disaster by using hemming tape - case in point, this shirt in which I cut off the sleeves but zoned out and managed to REALLY mess it up.

Until next time!


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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Top Thrifted (similar) | Skirt GAP (similar) | Belt Thrifted (similar) | Shoes Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar)

So these outfits are just some things I've been wearing the past week or so. Clearly I have not gone out a lot this week. As usual, most of my time spent during this summer is reading, playing the Sims 3, and sleeping. For those wondering, I do not work right now because I am unable to find work that would hire me until September. I work during school months on a yearly contractual basis and since there's no school in the summer, I'm off. Trust me, I've tried looking for a place that would hire me until then but it's futile. I'm not lazy, I swear. (Well I guess I am, but that's a tale for another time).

Top Thrifted (similar) | Skirt ASOS (similar) | Belt Thrifted (similar) | Shoes JC Penney (similar)

This outfit was one I was hesitant to post on the blog but I will anyways. Why, you may ask? It looks like you can see my KNICKERS. (Okay, panties... but it's such a icky word I don't like it). It's not my knickers they're a white undershirt I wore underneath my denim button up - but since this ASOS skirt is totally NOT modest, they show every little thing. I actually quite adore the pink chiffon skirt, but I can't wear it as often because it's so transparent even with it's pathetic little slip underneath. That and I don't know what else to wear with it. Usually I just sell or donate stuff I don't wear anymore but I can't bear to get rid of this one - not yet anyways.

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to say two things that I don't like right now:

1. My hair: IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. As you can see here I'm "growing out" my bangs but actually it's a product of laziness that I must fix immediately. My forehead is too big and having bangs constantly in your face is annoying. I like 'em blunt for some peace of mind. Also, since I rebonded my hair IT IS AWKWARDLY STRAIGHT and the only hair style that is suitable for rebonded hair... at least mine... is to have bangs.
2. Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight: I was so fortunate to see this movie (okay I was forced but I am appreciative of my privilege to see flicks on a weekly basis, thanks Gab! xo) and I have never seen a Batman movie before. Boy, was this the WRONG movie to be my gateway into the Batman series. I never really say a movie sucks but this movie sucked. (Contradiction!) I have a bad attention span and for what seemed like hours it was just talking but all I heard was, "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH"... SO BORING.

What are some things that you don't like right now or that's bothering you? I know I'm not the only one who likes to whine and complain, haha!

Until next time,


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

262. (Two outfits + Sharing)

Top Torrid | Skirt and Belt ASOS (get it here) | Shoes Thrifted (similar)

Howdy, everyone!
I wore this outfit to do some errands. This ASOS Skater Skirt with a Belt is the SKIRT OF MY DREAMS. Yes, that's quite a title to live up to but I swear, it's an amazing skirt! I've been looking for a simple high-waisted structured black skater skirt for months and when I first saw it for sale online I snatched it up as fast as I could before it might sell out! This skirt is amazing because it's very well-made, the fabric feels amazing, and the quality is great overall. Besides, you can dress it up or down - and perfect for work, too.

Top Thrifted (similar) | Jacket ASOS (similar) | Skirt Forever 21(similar) | Shoes Sears (similar) | Bag Vintage, Dooney and Bourke | Necklace Dorothy Perkins (get it here)

I also wore this outfit the other day and didn't post it on the blog because I forgot to upload it... it was forever lost in the depths of my hard drive. Until now -  so here it is.

Yes I have many split ends. Gonna fix that sometime...

Anyways, I was thinking lately - the thing with blogging is that even though we can type all we want about our lives, our true selves are never really accurately portrayed through words. Part of that is, as bloggers, we control what part of ourselves we show on the internet and the rest is hidden. I never intended this blog to be a getting-to-know-you penpal kind of schtick, but plans change I suppose.

The truth is, I'm not as confident as I seem on the camera - at least with my body. Sometimes I do struggle with my body image. I'm not proud of myself, but I'm not ashamed either. It's this limbo where sometimes I feel insecure, but sometimes I am happy and content. Sometimes, I tumble back into disordered eating habits too. It is what it is. It's something I still struggle with, but something I am working on.

However, I am very confident about myself to the point of arrogance when it comes to my beliefs, morals, and academic knowledge. As such, when someone challenges my beliefs or otherwise 'moral' beliefs - such as, for instance, cowardice - it really grinds my gears to the point it pisses me off, especially when someone is trying to insult you.
I admit it - I'm what many (excuse my political incorrectness) a bitch because I'm not a pushover and I know what I want in life. When I see people insulting me or bossing me around I put my foot down and defend myself. In fact, I'm apparently so shy and demure in real life that when I did some activism on campus they couldn't believe that this shy girl was someone who was as frightening as a tiger! (A nickname my mom gives me because I'm really aggressive, LOL!)

Anyways, that's enough about me. How about you guys, do you portray yourself differently online than when you do in your offline life? Like what? As I said - online, I'm pretty shy and 'nice' ... at times (though I do blow my lid on Twitter, haha) but I'm quite aggressive offline to the point it intimidates some people, especially when they don't get to know me at first.

Until next time, stay tuned for a review on fashionable 3D glasses and the winner of my circle lens giveaway in the upcoming week. If you haven't entered yet, here's your chance here!


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Top and Shoes JC Penney (similar top | similar shoes) | Skirt Dorothy Perkins | Bag Vintage, Dooney and Bourke  | Belt Thrifted (similar)

Lol, my fiance looks high. Just felt like I should mention that. Bahaha.

 In hindsight, I wouldn't have worn these shoes if I had known I was going to go into gravel roads and hidden sandy oases in the country here in Manitoba. My mom's boyfriend lives out in a town where even the GPS can't track down where he lives, or even Google Map! I only thought we were going out there to have some dinner at his place, but he decided to take us out and show us what the country has to offer.

I'm no country girl, I'm more of a city dweller (grew up in Manila, holla! 42k people+/square kilometer) and to be honest I was skeptical. But hey, actually the country has some charms to it... like the quaintness and the whimsical scenery. We went to some weird place where teenagers swam in this 'lake' but it was in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately I cannot take it when I saw leeches in the water, ha! After that we went out for ice cream. :) 

Until next time,

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Dress Dorothy Perkins (get it here!) | Necklace Gordman's (similar) | Shoes JCPenney (similar) | Bag ALDO (similar) | Belt Thrifted (similar)

Sometimes, I gotta try new things. I wasn't a fan of accessories (necklaces, earrings, etc.) because I was lazy and I felt like I never needed any accessories to begin with. Now that I bought my own and tried it out for myself and I realised it does make a difference! Taking another 'risk' of mine was wearing heels - and while they're flatforms, I barely wear heels - but this can change soon enough! I know why some people like to wear heels - it makes you feel powerful because you tower over people, hah!

So I wore this outfit to see Spider-Man, finally. My verdict? Meh. Not like I liked the Toby McGuire version (which by the way was super dark and 'emo' for my liking) something doesn't feel right about the Andrew Garfield version. I don't hate it but I wasn't enamored with it either like I was with The Avengers! I also wore this outfit to go out on a sushi date with my friends and go to the University to discuss some sociology with my professors, haha.

Until next time!


PS: I can't wait till I get the charger for my DSLR back. These pictures are driving me bonkers! It's good for a point and shoot, but...

Monday, July 9, 2012


Sweater Relativity via Herberger's (similar) | Shorts ASOS (available here) | Flatform Shoes Arizona via JC Penney (similar) | Bag Manel's (similar) | Ring From the Philippines via Divisoria Mall


Today consisted of staying in bed, registering for my fall/winter session at school, playing Diablo III, and then going on a 'little date' with my fiance. Since it was just a little dinner-date at our usual sushi joint I opted for something simple. It may be ridiculous but I love wearing long-sleeves all year round, and I paired it with the spotted shorts from ASOS .


This sweater and the flatforms are from the states, and I got them at an awesome deal! The sweater was only $7.99 and the flatforms were only $14.00! I'm not keen on heels but since they're 'flatforms' they're super comfortable. They're still available on the JC Penney site for $14. I snagged them in tan and white colour - if there were a black alternative I would've snagged it too!

Have any of you shopped 4th of July sales (yet)?
Don't forget to enter my circle lens giveaway! If you've always wanted to try contacts now is the time. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012


 Skirt ASOS (similar here) | Top Thrifted (similar here) | Shoes Dorothy Perkins (similar here) | Bracelets Lane Bryant (similar here)

We've all had those times where you buy something then forget about it ever existed. Sometimes, I hate my wardrobe and I feel like I have nothing to wear despite having so many things. I've been trying to make a conscientious effort to wear more things in my closet - or 'shop my closet'. Among them are these pieces: the ASOS chiffon skirt and a chiffon top I bought from thrifting. The ASOS skirt in particular frustrated me to no end because it's so difficult to style - I like it because it's pretty, but one of the pet peeves I have is the black waistband! I tried to counter it by wearing a flowy fabric top to hide it. So far so good. Are there things that you hate on clothing in particular? Like I said, mine are the black waistbands on skirts or dresses. I also don't like cutoff shorts that aren't rolled up for some reason.

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