Saturday, July 28, 2012


There's lots of things I regret in life right now. Among them is the fact that I shouldn't have cut my bangs on impulse because I watched a Youtube video showing me how to cut them in an ~innovative~ way and inexpensive way. Well, that came to bite me in the ass: I had to go to the salon to fix it, and even then it's not that great because I screwed up royally. Also, since my hair is fried from all the processing I got it trimmed - trimming a good 1-2 inches in the process. When I saw my hair on the salon floor I weeped inside.
The other thing I strongly regret is that I lost my charger for my good camera and because of it I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail! So now you will have to deal with these out-of-focus pictures until I do get it back.

Top Thrifted  | Belt Thrifted (similar) | Skirt Modcloth (available here) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Shoes Dorothy Perkins (sold out, similar here)

But hey, there's things that I am glad for - like the summer and being able to go to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival (By the way, I strongly recommend seeing Dungeons and Dragons Improv IV - hilarious stuff!) and being able to wear skirts without suffering in the heat. Or that I solved a DIY disaster by using hemming tape - case in point, this shirt in which I cut off the sleeves but zoned out and managed to REALLY mess it up.

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  1. Super cute outfit, and im sorry about your hair! :( lol thats why im afraid of cutting my own bangs :P I know for a fact that I will fuck it up LOL your hair looks cute still tho!! xo

  2. great blouse! xo

  3. i loooove those shoes! and the combination of stripes and polka dots. i want that shirt so badly! <3

    sarah rose

  4. I love your style :) You look so cute on every of your pictures:) It's a pleasure to look at you:)

  5. Cute Outfit! Sorry to hear about your hair, but remember Hair grows :D xox

  6. on a brighter note...your skirt is really lovely and at least next time you won't bodge up your fringe again! xo Mele from Australia

  7. Don't you hate when you try to take a short cut and it ends up wasting more time and money than if you'd just done it the long way first. At least your hair will be nice and healthy now.

    Love your stripy collared top.

    P.s. just realised I wasn't following you, but I am now!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  8. you are absolutely adorable, girl! loving your style!
    xo TJ

  9. where are the messed up bangs, because I don't see them on you, Gazel!


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