Monday, July 30, 2012


As I was sitting here eating my century-egg congee, I was wondering if I will regret posting this outfit post. I mean... just looking at these pictures stir some not-so-pleasant feelings inside. For one, these pictures aren't the best (still waiting for my camera charger) and second, when I wore this outfit I had the most dreadful evening. I had a bad argument with Gab (my fiance!) over something trivial and stupid and to top it all off, it was pretty much the last day for the Winnipeg Fringe festival and we missed both of the shows I desperately wanted to see because they were sold out - despite being 2 hours early for each show. Bleh.

On another note, here's a brief 'review' on this ASOS dress. It is still available for sale here!

Dress ASOS (available here) | Belt Thrifted | Shoes JC Penney (similar)

ASOS Curve Summer Dress with Collar

Sizing: This dress I bought in a UK 24 or US 20. I usually buy my clothes on ASOS at a size UK 26 (US 22) if the material is cotton or not stretchy. I tried ordering a UK 26 because I was weary of the "mini skirt" style being too short (as ASOS dresses usually run short) and it was too long, and way too big! I was swimming in fabric and the bust was way too big, even belting it didn't do the trick. As usual in ASOS Curve the sizing was on the big size. Even at a UK 24 the bust is still kind of loose, but a belt will do the trick.

Quality: The quality is okay. The material is cotton and it is pretty 'light' in terms of going out on a hot day. It wrinkles, however, as you can see - even just freshly steaming or ironing this dress didn't sort out the wrinkly situation. 

Similarities to Website: Colour is true to picture. It isn't red, but a coral-like colour. The skirt looks way too short on the model but at 5'5" it's a bit above my knee so I don't have to worry about accidentally flashing someone. 

Final Verdict: Love this dress aside that it wrinkles so much. Size down from your usual size for this dress, like I said, it runs large! 

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  1. wow. very very nice. dress <3

  2. Aww...hope you're feelin better. I've never been to a fringe should check it out nexttime.

  3. You look so pretty in coral, and that dress looks perfect for summer. :) Hope you patched things up with Gab ...I've had the same experience when the littlest things lead to the biggest disagreement!

  4. I'm sorry you had a bit of a bummer weekend. You looked adorable, though. Hope you and the boy worked everything out!

  5. I bought the same dress, but it looks so much better on you! loved the way you styled it here!

  6. Your look so cute. Love that dress.

  7. This dress is really cute - such a cheerful colour! Hope the unpleasant memories associated with the dress don't stick around ^^

  8. It's a lovely dress and I really adore this color on you!

  9. Fish In A DesertJuly 31, 2012 at 9:47 AM

    Love the colour and the review !! I also think that sizes at Asos are a bit weird. None of the clothes that I ordered there fit me as they should. But they´re soooo pretty!!! XX

  10. I need a dress like that with a collar, don't know why I don't already own one.

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  11. So obsessed with the colour of this dress! Wish it was summer in Australia already, can't wait to pull my sleeveless tops out!


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