Friday, August 17, 2012


Top Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Skirt Dorothy Perkins, dyed yellow (similar) | Belt Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Cardigan Thrifted, Rickis (similar) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Shoes Steve Madden 

So, I wore this outfit yesterday to go thrifting and to pick up a jacket I left at the dry cleaners for almost a YEAR. Yes, I know - how careless was I to leave a jacket at the dry cleaners for a year?! I really have no excuse except I forgot and that really, I was lazy even when I happened to remember. Thrifting was kind of crazy too, actually - since there was a football game at our stadium the parking spots were packed with crazed fans... including our favourite thrift stores. Regardless, I made it out in one piece and I scored an awesome skirt and a jar I can use to put my spices in. Score!

Gab, my fiance, also surprised me with a brand new set of Prismacolor pencils after I had been looking for some good-quality pencil crayons for drawing. I recently got back into drawing and DIY after a long hiatus, I need lots of practice. Speaking of which, with this skirt from Dorothy Perkins I managed to dye it yellow. It wasn't the ochre I wanted originally (for the autumn season) so I think I'll give it another go to make it darker. Hey, practice makes perfect!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Top and Jean Jacket Old Navy (jean jacket similar) | Skirt Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Belt Thrifted | Bag Vintage, Dooney and Bourke | Boater Shoes Kohl's (similar)

To explain my lack of posts this week, all I can say is that I was sick fighting off a nasty cold I got after I went to the beach two weeks ago. This is the outfit I wore to celebrate finally being cold-free! It feels nice to breathe properly and not be hacking and coughing, taking medication constantly and blowing your nose all the time! Yes, fresh air! :)

I shopped in my closet a bit to find these goods. This skirt I was going to sell because I hadn't worn it in  months, but after re-evaluating it, I kept it. My yellow top I barely wear because I don't have many things that go with yellow that are bottoms. I also hadn't worn this denim jacket since I bought it. Although it hasn't been pictured in a while, these flats are becoming a favourite of mine because they go with a lot of things and are so comfortable! I wish I could love heels as much as the next fashionista (which I'm not ha ha) but for my feet, I need comfort above all. :P

One more thing before I end this blog post... but don'tcha hate it when your hair dye doesn't stay?! So annoyed looking at my pictures and seeing that the stubborn red dye hasn't gone, despite trying to dye my hair black! I've read the instructions and followed it to a T, but I guess I'm not experienced in dyeing my hair... and I'm in no position to dye my hair again after this! I've processed my hair so much from dyeing it red in the Spring (twice actually, once by box dye which failed, then salon), then rebonding it, then sloppily dyeing it black (and failing) again! Blah! Anyways...

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Top Winners (similar) | Skirt ASOS (get it here!) | Shoes Thrifted (similar

I think this is the first time this shirt I'm wearing has made it's debut on my blog. I find this kind of funny because it's my absolute favourite shirt ever. It's sheer, comfortable, and it goes with anything! When I don't know what to wear I just throw on this top and wear it with shorts, a skirt, or a pair of trousers and I'm good to go. I paired my favourite shirt with my favourite skirt ever (you might've heard me gush about it a few entries back) and I'm set for the day!

What is your go-to garment in your closet? Do you have a piece of clothing that you can throw on with anything? I'd love to hear what others have to say... because considering what I own in my wardrobe, I actually find it kind of funny I gravitate towards a sheer purple top because I actually quite dislike the colour purple and I'm not too keen on the sheer trend.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

267. (Maurices Review)

So, this is a really long-overdue review on one of Maurice's clothing. Maurice's is an American clothing company that specializes in women's clothing and luckily they offer some plus size clothing too, up to a size 24 and 4X. They kindly sent me this dress to review, you may have seen it on my USA post a few entries back. However, the pictures weren't adequate enough for me to do a review, thus I am doing so now.

Dress Courtesy of Maurices | Sandals Dorothy Perkins (similar)

Onto the review!

Size: The dress fits true to size. I ordered the size 20 equivalent on the size chart and it fits like a dream. Not too tight or too loose. With the elastic waistband it can easily accommodate up to a size 24.

Quality: The fabric is really good quality. It is thick, and not flimsy at all. The fabric itself has stretch and it a jersey-like material, and on the inside there's a soft polyester lining.

Overall: It's very trendy and I'm glad I got to try the hi-low trend. I've gotten many compliments on this dress and it's so easy to wear, and so comfortable! The shipping was very fast and prompt as well.

Unfortunately, this dress is sold out. However, there are similar styles such as this dress and this dress. I would definitely look to Maurices for trendy plus size clothing. There's clothing appropriate for business casual work too, which is a plus for me as I get higher in my academic career I can't go dressing like I usually do.

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