Sunday, August 12, 2012


Top and Jean Jacket Old Navy (jean jacket similar) | Skirt Dorothy Perkins (similar) | Belt Thrifted | Bag Vintage, Dooney and Bourke | Boater Shoes Kohl's (similar)

To explain my lack of posts this week, all I can say is that I was sick fighting off a nasty cold I got after I went to the beach two weeks ago. This is the outfit I wore to celebrate finally being cold-free! It feels nice to breathe properly and not be hacking and coughing, taking medication constantly and blowing your nose all the time! Yes, fresh air! :)

I shopped in my closet a bit to find these goods. This skirt I was going to sell because I hadn't worn it in  months, but after re-evaluating it, I kept it. My yellow top I barely wear because I don't have many things that go with yellow that are bottoms. I also hadn't worn this denim jacket since I bought it. Although it hasn't been pictured in a while, these flats are becoming a favourite of mine because they go with a lot of things and are so comfortable! I wish I could love heels as much as the next fashionista (which I'm not ha ha) but for my feet, I need comfort above all. :P

One more thing before I end this blog post... but don'tcha hate it when your hair dye doesn't stay?! So annoyed looking at my pictures and seeing that the stubborn red dye hasn't gone, despite trying to dye my hair black! I've read the instructions and followed it to a T, but I guess I'm not experienced in dyeing my hair... and I'm in no position to dye my hair again after this! I've processed my hair so much from dyeing it red in the Spring (twice actually, once by box dye which failed, then salon), then rebonding it, then sloppily dyeing it black (and failing) again! Blah! Anyways...

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  1. I love that skirt and it looks fab with the yellow :) Denim jackets are a wardrobe essential in my opinion!



  2. Loving the outfit :) I have the opposite dye problem the dye takes to my hair but then it just runs out with every wash even permenant dye does it, it will run out for about 30 washes its so annoying xx

  3. Awww you are so cute <3 ! I really love your skirt :) xx

  4. I actually like the bits of red in your hair like this! You know, the color may not be staying because it may be overprocessed, and your hair is probably too porous to absorb the dye. Wait a month or two before dyeing it again. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely color you have!

    ♥ laura
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  5. I'm having the same problem with my hair dye! It's been red a few times and then about 3 months ago I dyed it back to a dark brown. It stayed that way for about a week and then the red popped up. It is annoying! I just don't have the finance for a salon, so all I got is at home dye.

    Your yellow top & floral skirt is one of the prettiest combinations I've seen in awhile! A few months ago, in a fit of frustration, I got rid of the only 2 yellow tops I owned. I pretty much regret it everyday. Especially when I come across looks like this that I could try!

  6. I love love love this outfit! Super cute!

  7. I love love love this outfit! Super cute!

  8. Love your fierce style. Love your name. Love your glasses. I basically want to be you when I grow up.

  9. hmmm... maybe it's time to hit the salon ;) i'm way too incompetent to dye my hair myself lol. you look so precious in that jean jacket, btw!

    ps. i nominated you for a versatile blogger award. check out my blog so you can see what i wrote about how awesome you are <3

    sarah rose

  10. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!


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