Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I did see this coming. School just started a few days ago and already my head is spinning from the amount of readings and work I'm about to do. Technically this year would be my last year of undergrad but I opted to stay another additional year to finish my honours thesis - I thought that the workload would lessen because of the extra year I would be staying but I guess not! Haha.



Top Vintage (similar) | Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Skirt ASOS (get it here) | Belt ASOS | Shoes Dorothy Perkins 

 I finally made time to take a picture of my most recent outfit. Let me say, when I saw this top at the thrift shop I gasped - it was cute, had a vintage collar, AND it was in my size! I snatched it right away before anyone else could. I also got this cardigan from the same thrift shop too, score!

I'm still not used to my hair being this short. It's never been this short before. Sometimes I wake up and then I wonder, "Where'd my hair go? - Oh right, I cut it!" Change is good, I guess... it's not like I really cut my hair for aesthetic reasons (purely) but I cut it because my hair was just dead from the chemical processing ... it NEEDED to go. But sometimes I longingly look at pictures saved on my camera or phone and there's me with long hair. Oh well... hair is hair and it grows back eventually. I've been taking vitamins to make it grow back faster and using the New Shampoo bar from Lush - hopefully it works. :P

So that's it everyone. Nothing really new besides I'm busy. I also owe you guys product reviews but I've had no time to do anything else. One of these days, promise.



  1. i love this outfit! that top and cardi were great finds!

  2. i like your new hair, and as someone who recently took the hair plunge herself, it will grow back and it will be healthy and much better.x

  3. oooh let me know how the lush shampoo works out ^.^ and there's always extensions :D

  4. Such a cute blouse! I love the belted skirt and the flats too. I know what you mean about short hair. I've had long hair my whole life and then last year, I chopped it to a chin-length bob and a pixie! It was a huge change and it took a while to get used to, but I grew to love it. Now I'm growing my hair out again for graduation. Hopefully it'll be long again by the time I take senior pics :) Embrace the short hair while you can though!


  5. I love this clothes *-*
    I follow your blog, and I love it!

  6. I'm in love with this outfit. That cardigan is amazing. I think the short hair looks fantastic on you :)

    Field Below

  7. cute outfit Gazel <3 I love your blog

  8. Cannot believe i have only just found your blog !
    Love it already :)
    Love your cardigan !
    Launa in Ponderland

  9. I really like the cardigan and top!
    great set :))

  10. yes I am in problem cause without Scrubs any another dress fit in my body.....


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