Sunday, October 28, 2012

277. (On my hair...)

Two months in and I'm still not used to my hair. I thought maybe I'd grow to like it because after all, it'd be a nice change. While I did warm up to it in the first few weeks it's novelty has worn off. I often look in the mirror and feel much regret because my long hair and my blunt fringe was what made me and helped me form my own self-identity. It's silly, especially to admit on my blog (but I will anyways) but I feel less feminine, or I guess less like myself. If I were to label myself or identify myself, I would identify as a "femme" or very feminine because of my love with my dresses and skirts. But right now I feel like the antithesis of that just because I'm missing 12 inches of my hair. I feel androgynous lately, wearing pants and avoiding skirts because when I look in the mirror I just don't feel like myself. Maybe this is why I don't even bother with outfit posts sometimes.

Romper ASOS | Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Bag Cambridge Satchel Company (get it here!) | Shoes Steve Madden

It's not to say others who have short hair should feel less feminine, that's not what I meant. Other women can rock short hair and still look as femme as can be, but for myself it's just not me. Short hair Gazel is not who I feel I am, you know? Funny how something like hair can make me have an identity crisis.

I'm trying to make the most of this and shake myself out of this funk. My hair is slowly growing back thanks to hair treatments and vitamin supplements. But until then, I'll just have to deal with it.

Until next time,
 Gazel ♥

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Top Torrid | Shorts ASOS (similar) | Tights Forever 21+ (get it here) | Shoes Thrifted (similar) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Scarf Joe Fresh (similar)

The weather was warm enough today not to wear a jacket, plus I had no homework. I thought it'd be good to seize the opportunity to go out, go thrifting, and have some pho. When I go shopping, I just buy what I like, which is what I did at the thrift store (bought some books, a red top, and a pair of shoes!), and I can't wait to show it here! I'm not very good at following trends or fashion runway stuff, but I know that the cardigan colour I am wearing ... burgundy? It's in, right?! Haha.

After an afternoon of shopping I visited my dad who lives on the other side of the city. Here's some pictures of my oldest dog, Kobi - he lives with my dad. He's going to be 11 in March. Time flies... I remember when he was just a wee puppy!

Anyways, until next time.


Friday, October 12, 2012


My, where has the time gone! Mid-October is already here - or at least almost. Where I am, the leaves have fallen and the weather has definitely become a lot nippier. It has actually snowed here the past week or so, and while I do love the autumn and the layering I am SO not ready for winter yet. Ice, snow, or sleet? No thank you.

Top Thrifted | Jeans ASOS (get it here) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Shoes Thrifted (similar)

It's this period where my body is having a hard time adjusting to the weather change so I opted for pants instead of tights and a skirt. Pants are one of my worst enemies because my mid-section is a bit bigger but my legs are smaller in comparison so everything is BAGGY. I am also too tall for petite length, but too short for regular. Tailoring clothing is so expensive, but luckily I have my mom to do it for me. These black jeans I have had from ASOS for quite a while, but because of the fit I could not wear it. I actually have to get them tailored again because they stretched while wearing and the legs are still too baggy for me - doesn't fit like a skinny jean at all. I've tried every skinny jean I can get affordably on the market right now, but it's always this same annoying dilemma.  Do you have the same problem? Which brand of skinny jeans do you recommend?

Hopefully I can post more outfits. I wish I could catch up on more blogs and comment, but I have never anticipated that I would be this busy. :( I love blogging and commenting + looking at other looks, it's just sad I can't do it as much as I'd like to.

Until next time,