Saturday, October 13, 2012


Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Top Torrid | Shorts ASOS (similar) | Tights Forever 21+ (get it here) | Shoes Thrifted (similar) | Bag Vintage Coach (similar) | Scarf Joe Fresh (similar)

The weather was warm enough today not to wear a jacket, plus I had no homework. I thought it'd be good to seize the opportunity to go out, go thrifting, and have some pho. When I go shopping, I just buy what I like, which is what I did at the thrift store (bought some books, a red top, and a pair of shoes!), and I can't wait to show it here! I'm not very good at following trends or fashion runway stuff, but I know that the cardigan colour I am wearing ... burgundy? It's in, right?! Haha.

After an afternoon of shopping I visited my dad who lives on the other side of the city. Here's some pictures of my oldest dog, Kobi - he lives with my dad. He's going to be 11 in March. Time flies... I remember when he was just a wee puppy!

Anyways, until next time.



  1. What a cutie dog! I have a super soft spot for old dogs. They tend to be calmer (though tonight someone needs to remind my dog of that...) so they're right up my alley.

    Is your top sheer? You've probably posted it before, but I am loving it. I'm not too up on trends either (totally got my first mustard pieces about a month ago) but I think the color of that cardigan is nice. Makes me think of leaves and fall and hot cocoa. I've been wanting hot cocoa all day.

  2. I love that it's cardigan season and you always have the best sweaters and cardigans!

  3. your tights are so cute and I love you cardigan, such a perfect fall color!

  4. love love the red sweater on you!!!! so perfect for fall, dear!!!



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