Sunday, October 28, 2012

277. (On my hair...)

Two months in and I'm still not used to my hair. I thought maybe I'd grow to like it because after all, it'd be a nice change. While I did warm up to it in the first few weeks it's novelty has worn off. I often look in the mirror and feel much regret because my long hair and my blunt fringe was what made me and helped me form my own self-identity. It's silly, especially to admit on my blog (but I will anyways) but I feel less feminine, or I guess less like myself. If I were to label myself or identify myself, I would identify as a "femme" or very feminine because of my love with my dresses and skirts. But right now I feel like the antithesis of that just because I'm missing 12 inches of my hair. I feel androgynous lately, wearing pants and avoiding skirts because when I look in the mirror I just don't feel like myself. Maybe this is why I don't even bother with outfit posts sometimes.

Romper ASOS | Cardigan Thrifted (similar) | Bag Cambridge Satchel Company (get it here!) | Shoes Steve Madden

It's not to say others who have short hair should feel less feminine, that's not what I meant. Other women can rock short hair and still look as femme as can be, but for myself it's just not me. Short hair Gazel is not who I feel I am, you know? Funny how something like hair can make me have an identity crisis.

I'm trying to make the most of this and shake myself out of this funk. My hair is slowly growing back thanks to hair treatments and vitamin supplements. But until then, I'll just have to deal with it.

Until next time,
 Gazel ♥

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