Saturday, November 3, 2012


Another year, another birthday. I find every year my birthday is more underwhelming than the last. It's not because I'm aging and I'm becoming one of those people who fight against aging, it's just it's become less of a big deal. Past birthdays consisted of going out to restaurants with many of my friends or having sleepovers at my house, or even having huge family gatherings at my home. Today I went out for pho with Gabriel and then I went shopping for a bit, and for once I actually got stuff. Lately when I go shopping in person it's just been blah. I've just been so uninspired lately.

Top Cotton Ginny (similar here) | Skirt Forever 21+ (similar here) | Cardigan Ricki's (similar here) | Hat Joe Fresh | Necklace Gordman's (similar here) | Tights Addition-Elle (similar here) | Shoes Thrifted (similar here)

This outfit is reminiscent of many of the outfits I've been wearing the past month or so since school started. It seems I gravitate towards tights, cardigans, and a button up top. I've been obsessed with this necklace I bought from Gordman's in the states. I've been whining about short hair on my past blog entry, but if there's one nifty thing about having short hair and it's that I can wear a hat without tucking so much hair away underneath!

In concluding this entry I will now go watch Game of Thrones (I started last week!) and work on my homework and attempt at completing NaNoWriMo. Have any of you been doing National Novel Writing Month? I always try to complete the full 50,000 words but I never succeed. This time I'm going to try - I've been fantasizing about this plot for MONTHS and now I actually need to have it typed down and completed!

Until next time,

Gazel ♥

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