Saturday, January 19, 2013

First (actual) outfit post of 2013.

It's already mid-January and I am sorry that it took me this long to post an actual outfit picture. The first two weeks of the winter session was hectic enough as it is and I had to "get back to the grind", but not just that but since I am nearing my graduation pretty soon I have to think about planning my future, which meant I had to look over my degree planning and look at what I actually had. I realised that I had too many sociology credits and now I need to take humanities and other general electives for the next year, greeeeat. On top of that, one of my seminars wasn't going well and I dropped it because of stress-related stuff and the grade I got for the mid term season was not very good as I had hoped to be. I know I'll sound pretentious here but I got a C+ on one of my papers. As an honours student, that made me feel so horrible and bad. I have never gotten that low of a mark on my papers before, and on a senior level course that is just horrible. Some people think it is ridiculous that I dropped over a low grade and that it's unrealistic to expect A's all the time (not to brag, but I aim for A's all the time... who doesn't?) but I have to think about my GPA. So yes, I dropped it... and apparently some classmates of mine think I am pretentious and unrealistic because of it. Whatever, they can talk all they want.

Before anyone asks, yes I am wearing extensions.

Anyways, because I had dropped a senior seminar class this leaves me for more time. Which includes outfit posts. I have a tripod and I need to practice using it. Today this outfit was photographed by Gab (my fiance) and what's annoying about living in a really cold city with lots of snow is I can't take pictures of myself outside. So, with limited space I have here in this small house I can only find so little places to take pictures. I'm still trying to find THE perfect place in the house. I guess this spot will do. The curio behind me is filled with my moms collection of Filipino sculptures or something, I'm not sure what it is but there's my limited explanation.

Dog Shirt: ASOS (similar)
Skirt: ASOS (get it here)
Sweater: New Look (similar)
Tights: ASOS (get it here)
Shoes: Thrifted 
Glasses: Rough Justice Material Gurl in Tortoise via Clearly Contacts (get it here)

Going back to the outfit, I typically wear boots but since I'm just going around thrifting today I would spend the majority of my time inside anyways - barely any walking. So that explains my shoe choices. As for this outfit, I love every piece I am wearing and I wear it at least once a week. I am absolutely in love with the dog print shirt and the collar. I find myself gravitating to neutral or monochromatic colour schemes lately. Perhaps it is because it's winter?

What colours do you find yourself wearing lately?

Until next time.

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