Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My favourites from 2012!

As promised from the previous post I will be posting my 12 favourite outfits of 2012. Unfortunately, because I've been terribly lazy and bad at updating I cannot provide a month-by-month favourite outfits compilation like I did in 2011. So here's some of my favourite outfits of the year. I love looking at all my outfits from the past year posted on the blog because some are cringe worthy and some of them make me yearn for better days where I feel like I looked so good, why can't I look this good style-wise again?! Lately I feel like my style has been in some sort of limbo - where I want to dress edgy yet I also love the sweet twee look! I'm in a style existential crisis. It's getting better though. I'm going to do a blog sales post within the next month or so because I need to trim my closet and de-clutter.

But I digress... this isn't about me purging my closet, this entry is about my favourite outfits!

So in no particular order, here they are...

227. - I like the colours here and I miss this shirt. RIP, my "Where's Waldo?" Shirt. My hair is so voluminous and I am so sad that it's no longer there anymore. :c

235. - I like the colours, nice and spring-like for a March day. Probably the only time I was able to put my hair in a top bun without having my bangs taking over. 

240. - I just like this outfit for some reason. And yes, I still own those ratty pair of penny loafers. I have yet to find any comparably comfortable penny loafers that are of a similar style.

254. - It's monochromic in a way that it isn't black and white. My hair, shoes, and cardigan all matched! Looking at this picture makes me long for summer days once again. There's nothing I love more than being bare-legged!

261. - Words cannot express how much I adore that yellow skirt. I wish they made it in a mini skater style. Those flatform wedges are pretty amazing too, the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet. 

262. - If there was a Gazel's outfit formula it'd be this: Polkadots + Skater Skirt + Brown Belt + Brown Shoes. 

264. - Reds, nudes, polkadots, and stripes. Enough said.

270. - My last outfit before I cut off all my hair. *insert sad violin music*

275.  - My foray into pants. Actually now that I revise this list, this is the first pants outfit here! Gasp. 

278. - Even though I'm makeup-less I'm still fab. I love those red tights. LOVE. 

260. - I felt fierce as hell wearing this outfit. 

238. - I admit I would change a few things about this outfit but I like my hair, makeup, and colour scheme, okay?!

In terms of a sartorial-type New Years resolution, I'd like to get my act together and have a 'definitive' style. You can definitely see in these pictures I don't know what to dress for, or what my style really is exactly. As much as I love the vintage-style stuff, it's probably not for me and I'm kind of easing away from that kind of clothing - but it doesn't mean I don't love a good peter pan collar now and then. I can't wait to see what kind of outfits - both great and disastrous - I will concoct for the upcoming year!

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  1. Suddenly I need a Where's Waldo? shirt in my life! I love the rolled pants on you too.


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