Friday, March 29, 2013

My thoughts on Eloquii

About a month ago, Eloquii had announced that they were going to close production and eventually close all of their stores down. The reason being was because "they didn't meet satisfactory sales" during their trial run as a brand. Many people wrote about this event, I saw that many bloggers and customers alike were disappointed and angry, understandably so. For those unfamiliar with Eloquii, if I can just summarize briefly, it is a brand, a division from the Limited Group who wanted to offer plus size clothing. I'm not American so obviously, I didn't really know what "The Limited" was, let alone Eloquii, but because of plus size bloggers such as Gabi blogging about it, I had come to know what it was. I believe Eloquii had only become a thing because of certain bloggers talking about it. This is through my perspective, of course.

 I never really wrote about Eloquii at all because in all honesty I never cared for the store too much, as it catered to the older, career-driven woman. I'm in no rush to find another "career" because as far as I am concerned my only career is being a university student at the present. I'm still in my very early 20s and I revel in the fact that it is still socially acceptable for me to dress "younger" and less "business casual".

Now regarding to its closure, I would like to clarify I do not believe that it is because of Eloquii unable to provide "young" and "trendy" clothing is the primary reason why it closed. I think Eloquii is capable of such, as I will demonstrate very shortly after, they have cute clothing. I think it was the lack of advertising about the brand is what contributed to its downfall -- or what they said, "lack of sales". Like I had stated above, I had no idea what "The Limited" was, or even of Eloquii's existence until I read Gabi's post. I didn't see it in any magazines in person, nor was there any aggressive advertising involved as far as I was concerned. There was no hype at all like when ASOS Curve or Forever 21+ opened. I know that those companies reached out to many bloggers and were keen in participating in social media and the like. Also, I heard that when people did go to "The Limited" in person there was barely a section for the clothing found on Eloquii.

How can one possibly hope to sell something if it isn't aggressively marketed? YES, I know that Eloquii marketed itself but judging from what others have said, and from what I have read, I can piece together that it was enough. It was a blip on the radar as far as I was concerned. How can you hope to get a following if even in your actual retail stores, there's nothing to show for it? I just think Eloquii never got a chance to flourish, how much time was given for it to grow? About two years, tops?

It's a shame. Another plus size retailer bites the dust. For as much flack I gave Eloquii about it being too "business casual" and career driven I recently looked at their website because I saw on their Facebook page they added spring lines and that everything was on sale at the store. (Actually, if you look, here they list on what is on sale and for what percentage of the prices are marked down.)

I actually quite find these aesthetically pleasing:

So, I know I'm late to the party but what do you think of Eloquii's closure?

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