Monday, March 25, 2013

Teal and Flowers

Outfit details:
Top: Thrifted 
Necklace: Gordman's (similar)
Skirt: ASOS Curve (get it here in various colours: taupe, emerald, or black)
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Addition-Elle (similar)
Bag: Coach, vintage (similar)

Hello everybody! Today was a fairly relaxed day. I went to work (and dressed sloppier than this to be honest), ate some Filipino comfort food for lunch, (goto and tokwa baboy for any pinoys/pinays out there), and did some reading for school. Funny story though, today I thought I was going to the dentist and I went there and they told me it was in two weeks, even though I had written it down in my organiser. Oh well, it all worked out because my fiance and I booked a day when we could both go to save time. I ended up going to the mall in search of a brow brush because I had lost mine at school or something. I ended up with two necklaces and a brush. Then I went to the store to buy ingredients for more macaron-making because I'm addicted to making them. By the way, I'll be posting a recipe for some shortly.

Until next time.

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