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ASOS Curve Order Review 2013 - #1

ASOS Curve is by far my favourite plus size brand and label of all time, and I know I'm not alone in this. It's not a surprise that ASOS is a favourite amongst fatshionistas -- their lines are trendy and affordable when you factor in that ASOS always has sales and the sales always have significant mark-downs on their stuff (actually, there's a mid season sale going on now, click here to access it!), and if you compare it to the other brands out there in the plus size market.

I can gush on and on abut how much I love ASOS, but if there's one thing that does annoy me is that their sizing is inconsistent. It is both a blessing and a curse, I think. I think everyone knows that ASOS tends to run large. I know many who are over UK 26 are thankful for this (me included, by the way. My belly is huge.), but it is also a hinderance because personally, I'm taking a gamble on some things. I look at the fabric compositions (example: 98% cotton, 2% elastane) and I look at the pictures of the garment before I make a purchase. It is tricky because I cannot try stuff on, so I can only hope they fit.

In addition to things that annoy me on ASOS... while it is nice that there are bloggers who review garments from ASOS Curve, I really wish there was a review panel similar to what Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Old Navy, and Forever 21 (in the US) have. That way, I can look at customer feedback to see if I need to size up or down.

Unfortunately we don't have that luxury (yet, I hope), so I will be joining the many other bloggers who write reviews about garments. I had placed an order last month and I received my parcel just recently and I got to try on the items. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of me wearing the items because I look like a mess at the moment, but I will try to be as descriptive as possible. For the record, I ordered these following items: ASOS Curve Wide Stripe Leggings, ASOS Curve Floral Peg Leg Trousers, ASOS Curve A-Line Skirt, and ASOS Curve Floral Print Skater Skirt.

The Review:

ASOS Curve A-Line Skirt (buy it here)
When I first saw this skirt come out on ASOS Curve, I knew it was a must have. I have a black skirt from H&M that's similar, however, that skirt is slowly deteriorating into shreds so I knew I needed to buy a replacement skirt for the future. I also took into consideration that this skirt, could ideally be used for both casual affairs, clubbing, or dressed up for work. I ordered this in a UK 26 and upon trying it on, I'm glad I did. This skirt has no stretch whatsoever, except for the fabric of the skirt, however, with that said it is a wonderfully constructed skirt. Sometimes ASOS is hit-or-miss in terms of quality for me personally, but this skirt did not feel cheap at all. In terms of how long it is, this skirt definitely shorter on me, which is a surprise because ASOS things tend to run long for my 5'5" height. For this skirt I definitely recommend ordering your usual size because it does not run large like usual ASOS garments. 

ASOS Curve Floral Peg Leg Trousers (buy it here!)
I'm not one for loud floral prints on trousers like this. Usually, when I look at it, it reminds me of PJ pants. I knew upon inspection of the pictures and looking at the fabric composition, AND reading the description it'll be a soft jersey pant, kind of like a harem pant. Despite my apprehension I took the plunge anyway. One thing I was worried about was whether or not these pants will be a tad long on me. I ordered these pants in a UK 26. When I tried them on, they are a bit long but I can get it altered. It is a bit baggy on the leg, but not too much. It's not tight either. However, I could probably order a size down and it would fit me. These pants are very stretchy and can definitely accommodate larger than a UK 26. Also, they're very beautiful in person and the photos do not do them justice - the flowers and colours are very vibrant and I can see myself putting on a solid coloured tee and some gold jewelry for a quick outfit. Last note: these trousers also include pockets!

ASOS Curve Floral Skater Skirt (buy it here!)
I ordered this skirt because it looked absolutely gorgeous on the model. I'm not particularly TOO fond of this kind of floral print, and when I received this in person I was right. Despite this, I'll still wear it of course! I ordered it in a UK 26 because I had other skater skirts in a similar material and it was just right. However, I think this one has an elastic waistband so it could definitely fit larger than a UK 26! It's very accommodating in the hips. Also, its a bit long on me at 5'5" reaching my knees. I prefer my skater skirts short. 

ASOS Curve Wide Stripe Leggings (buy it here!)
Vertical, beetlejuice-esque stripes are in now and when I saw these leggings on ASOS I had to get it! The skinny jeans in Forever 21 don't fit as nicely as I like, unfortunately, so this was the next best thing. I have an obsession with black and white lately so this definitely satisfies that. I ordered these in a UK 26 but I should have known better knowing how ASOS fits. They're big on me, kind of baggy, but not too much that it's obvious -- they're also too long on me and I may need to alter or I can let it bunch at the ankles, lol, it doesn't bother me too much. They're out of stock but when they come back, definitely size down! The fabric isn't too thin and it's very soft. 

Have you ordered anything from the ASOS sale yet? (I will be, lol.) If so, what? Do you like these kinds of reviews? Let me know and I will try to post more if it's well received. :)

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