Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend errands

Outfit details:
Top/Tunic: H&M+
Skirt: ASOS (get it here)
Shoes: Thrifted
Bag: Leather Satchel Company (get it here)
Belt: Addition-Elle

I took a break from my paper-writing today to go and do some long overdue grocery shopping today and then take a stroll to do some window shopping. It's so warm today, despite the snow in my pictures. It finally feels like spring. I can go outside without a jacket without making myself freeze to death. I can go bare-legged!
To celebrate, I wore this maxi skirt (I guess it's a midi on me because I hiked it up so it's not on the floor) from ASOS that I got during their mid-season sale. This is not from the curve collection, but from the straight-sized collection! It's a UK 18 (size 14 US) and it has lots of room to spare. Seriously, I could have sized down two sizes on this maxi skirt and it would still fit me. The waist is elastic and it is absolutely perfect. I got many compliments on it today. I wanted to pair it with my platform sandals but my mom put them away somewhere... and I didn't feel like digging through the dreaded "shoe closet" (yes we have a closet just filled with shoes and stuff) so I wore my trust flats instead.

NOW, I actually have to go back to writing my paper. Only three more days and I'll have somewhat of a break. Come May 6th, it's back to the grind again. Summer is just around the corner and I can't wait to go strawberry picking, go to the beach, go on spontaneous road trips, and sit in my backyard with a bonfire. (I'm a pyromaniac.) We have a hammock/swing bench in our yard and I love to just lay down and swing while watching my dogs play in the grass, while the breeze just brushes your body. Ahhh. I can't wait.

Until next time. Don't forget to enter my giveaways!

By the way, a winner has been announced for the ASOS giveaway. Thank you to all who entered. There will be two more giveaways next week: Circle lenses and a package I picked out (which includes cosmetics, sweets, a pair of polkadot shorts, some tea, and other goodies...)


  Addition-Elle and Penningtons Giveaway - Winners have been announced. Contest closed. Congrats to Cassandra and Jocelyn for winning! I have contacted you via email.

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