Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outfit details:
Dress: ASOS (similar
Jacket: New Look Inspire (get it here)
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo (get it here)
Blush: Nars Super Orgasm (get it here)

Contacts today! This outfit was going to be for a trip to the movies. To see Iron Man 3, in fact. I wore contact lenses because we were going to see it in 3D and I did not want to stack glasses. However our plans didn't come into fruition and I ended up just staying at home and watching movies in bed. Even so, watching movies at home while looking cute hurts no one. So far we watched American Psycho and Equilibrium. Gab and I have to sleep a bit early today though because we're going to a community yard sale and we want to look at all the stuff.

See you all next time. Maybe I will have an outfit post tomorrow. Despite being swamped with schoolwork (omg, writing creative papers like English is the absolute worst when you're used to social science), I think I'm doing good with outfit posts so far. I am trying to be more diverse in my blog content. The next thing on the list is to make a new blog layout, change my URL (to, and to try and gradually shift my blog from solely fashion to an all-encompassing blog.

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