Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review: Eye Candys Neo Dali Toric Circle Lens

I've always wanted to try toric circle lenses, but the really expensive price tag puts me off. Most circle lens retailers sell theirs for $70 a pair. Consider normal priced circle lenses are $15-25 a pair. It almost feels like robbery, but then I remember that toric lenses everywhere are so EXPENSIVE.
Trying to find affordable toric circle lenses is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's difficult to find and nearly impossible-- but it is possible to find them. I'm pleased to announce that I found a retailer that sells them at a reasonable price.

Eye Candy's sells their toric circle lenses from $48-$63. Yes, they are still quite pricy compared to the non-torics, but if you have astigmatism you may be left with no choice. As an Asian girl, I too have fallen for the circle lens craze. They've become an essential part of my beauty routine when I'm not wearing glasses. I have small eyes and circle lenses give me enlargement that I need. So toric lenses are a life saver. 

I digress, Eye Candy's  was nice enough to send me a pair of torics to review. They sent me Neo Dali Extra Brown toric lenses. I was ecstatic because when I used to wear regular circle lenses Neo Dalis were my circle lens of choice as they are the most natural looking and are the most comfortable at 45% water content. Without further ado, here's my review on these lenses.

Neo Dali Extra Brown Toric Circle Lens
Sponsored by Eye Candy's

Style: 7.5/10
Comfort: 8/10
Enlargement: 6/10
Total: 7.1/10

Despite it's low total score, I really like these lenses. I may be biased, as I am partial to Neo lenses. I gave it 7.5 on style because it is a fairly basic and "boring" circle lens. However, I love natural looking lenses and I am looking for a natural look as such, the enlargement is fairly low scoring -- but it still enlarged to a certain extent. Let me just say that I wore these lenses for my passport picture and no one said a thing -- people often don't notice I'm wearing circle lenses either. Comfort wise, it stung at first because my eyes were not used to the circle lenses but after a few minutes it felt like it wasn't there! 

Not included in the score is the packaging and the service. I don't have much to say - packaging was alright. It was small and compact. It came with the circle lens vial and a basic case. The service was good, the people communicated adequately throughout this whole process -- the lenses itself, since they're toric, take 1.5 - 2 months and they let me know the status of the order consistently. I wish it were a more speedy process.

Wearing the lenses:

Natural lighting.

Lamp lighting.

Flash lighting.

One lens vs. No lens

Lens with makeup on.

Thanks for reading the review. There will be a giveaway sponsored by Eye Candy's later on and a coupon code: BONJOURGAZEL (which can be used to redeem a free gift when purchasing).

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