Friday, May 10, 2013

REVIEW: Missha "The Style HD Viewer 270" Mascara Primer and Blinc Amplified Tubing Mascara

I've always wanted to do beauty reviews on this blog but I never felt that I was good enough. Even now, I feel like a fool because I'm not an expert or anywhere near a guru when it comes to makeup. I only have one routine and I seem to wear the "same face" all the time, give or take. Regardless, I got some feedback about what my readers wanted out of my blog, and some people said they wanted to see beauty posts and reviews. Again, what I am about to post is my opinion and I will try to be as informative as I can be. Just a disclaimer, I bought all the items in this review so it is not sponsored.

Item: Missha "The Style HD Viewer 270" Mascara Primer
Cost: $11.99 USD | $8.99 CAD (On sale on for $5.99!)
Would buy again?: Yes.

I wanted to find a mascara primer, and as silly as it sounds I could not find one at the drug store anywhere. I also did not want to buy a mascara primer at Sephora for $30, so I settled for Korean brands that I am familiar with. (Just as a side note, I wear mostly Korean brand makeup.) Eventually after doing some internet sleuthing I found one on Missha for a reasonable price. I buy my BB cream from Missha and I am very happy with that product, so I figured I should try something else from them -- and I am glad I did.
The packaging was okay as far as I was concerned. It came in a box, and inside was a simple white tube with a gold cap. when I opened it, the mascara wand had a lot of product on it. When I applied it on my lashes it went on evenly and it did curl and extend my lashes without a mechanical eyelash curler.

 Just FYI, I don't have curly lashes and I have typical straight and sparse Asian lashes. So far, I am pleased with it and I recommend this product. It is relatively inexpensive and Missha has a lot of sales, so if you have a chance to purchase it, do it!

Item: Blinc Amplified Tubing Mascara
Cost: $26.00 USD | $30.00 CAD
Would buy again?: Yes.
Review: This mascara from Blinc is my holy grail mascara. Before this, I didn't wear mascara regularly because my lids are SO oily. Tubing mascaras are a godsend because they add volume and make my eyes noticeable, without the panda eyes. For that fact alone, it is worth it for me at $30 CAD. I use the Missha primer (although I also use other mascaras to lengthen my eyelashes) and then add this on top, as it acts as a "sealant."

You apply this and build it up while it's wet, because you cannot do it while it is dry. When you're done, you'll be comforted to know that it stays put all day and all you have to do is rinse with water and you can pull them off. I highly recommend this if panda eyes are a problem and if you have oily lids. Also note, unfortunately I did not take a picture of the brush and package but you can see the stock photo.

Application photos (both):

Without mascara.

With Missha the Style HD mascara.

With the Missha Mascara AND Blinc mascara.

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