Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"What do you mean it's orange?"

It's a known fact amongst the people closest to me that I can't see colours properly. Really. I don't know if I'm colour blind or what, but I just know that I can't distinguish between certain colours. Sometimes I mistake cream or beige for white, navy for black, and orange for red are amongst the colours I mess up on. This sweater is no exception to that. In fact, I thought it was red -- like a bright red when I bought it in the store. I was excited to have bought a slouchy sweater in red because it seemed like forever that I was searching for the perfect red sweater! Sweaters are a big deal for me because I wear them all the time, even in the scorching heat.

Anyways, when I got home I was gushing about how I scored a beautiful red sweater... only for my fiance to tell me in a deadpan voice, "Gazel... it's not red. It's ORANGE." I was horrified because A) I hate the colour orange with a passion, B) WTF. I THOUGHT IT WAS RED. I kept insisting it was red, damn it, not orange! I did NOT buy an orange sweater. I can't explain my ardent hatred for orange, I just knew that I hated it ever since I was a kid and my dad even makes fun of me for it because I bought him an orange T-shirt one time for father's day ... but this was back when I was 14-15 years old and I was enjoying my newfound freedom of having a job. Anyway, that's a story for another day.
So then I get to work and my co-worker tells me, "I like your orange sweater." And I'm like, "What. I thought it was red! What do you mean it's orange?!" Then I get other people telling me it is indeed orange. Another person told me another time I was wearing this same sweater, "I like how orange looks on you." So I guess it's orange and clearly, I can't tell the difference. It still looks red to me. Oh well.

Outfit details:
Top: Winners
Jacket: New Look Inspire (get it here)
Pants: Simply Be (get it here)
Shoes: Penningtons (get it here)
Bag: Leather Satchel Company (get it here)
Watch (not pictured): Casio (get it here)

Orange or not, I still like this sweater. It was perfect to wear for the chilly day we're having today. It's nice and comfortable, but it's being worn down because my pug likes to dig her claws into my flesh but in the process my sweater threads get all ruined and there's annoying holes and threads sticking out now. These pants I'm wearing are also a favourite of mine and I have been dying to wear them since I got it from Simply Be (thanks Hannah by the way for mailing it to me, you're the best) -- however, they were WAY too long before. The handy thing about having a mom who knows how to use a sewing machine is that she hems and tapers stuff for me. These used to be down to my ankles... and the sad thing is that they are apparently supposed to be capri pants. Which clearly, they were not on me. So now I made it capris on me, haha.

So, enough of my rant about orange sweaters and my pants. I'm going to end this entry here because I have to study and do some reading. I hate English class. Unfortunately I have to take an elective that's not sociology. What I like about writing for the social sciences is that it's typically straight to the point with little pretentious and flowery writing (at least compared to English). I'm not into poetry and all that stuff.

Anyways, until next time. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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