Friday, June 27, 2014


Outfit Details
Top: ASOS (get it here) | Skirt: ASOS Curve | Jacket: H&M+ | Shoes: Anne Klein, thrifted | Bag: Vintage Coach

I realise NOW by looking at my pictures that it doesn't do my new crop top justice. IT IS A SKETCHED DOODLE OF A PUG. It's existence brings me joy and amusement because 1) I love pugs, 2) I love clothing that has pugs on it AND it fits me. The new fit visualizer that ASOS now has on some garments comes real handy when buying from the ranges outside of Curve (so in other words, the straight size range) because it gives you measurements. And what do you know, this straight size crop top fits me just great.

But at the same time I'm annoyed because I bought it full-priced when now it's on sale for super cheap. Oh well! You win some, you lose some.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Trying out old favourites

My DSLR is out of commission right now (my batteries are dead) so I'm relying on my phone for now for outfit pictures. I don't think that makes too much of a difference -- of course I think the actual camera is much better than a phone camera, but I think for an iPhone camera the photo quality is not too shabby!

Outfit Details
Top: New Look Inspire | Sweater: New Look Inspire | Shorts: New Look Inspire (similar here) | Bag: Vintage Coach | Shoes: Bass (get it here) | Watch: ASOS (get it here)

I wore this outfit to go out to dinner with Gab and my little brother. We spent 1 hour trying to figure out where to go until we all finally decided to go out to Indian food. We have our favourite Indian buffet but we wanted to go somewhere my brother hadn't tried before so we went to an Indian restaurant that we used to go to -- one of our favourites actually, but we no longer go because of how far away it is now. We were excited to go but when we arrived to the restaurant we were so disappointed by the experience!  What I remembered to be a great place to eat no longer exists. The buffet was not well stocked even though it was peak dinner hours, the place was dirty, flies were buzzing around, the door was not properly closed and so it was really hot in the restaurant. We were served by an apathetic waitress who was really absent. The food was not as great as before and my brother was really disappointed, haha. Needless to say we won't be coming back, which is a shame.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Outfit Details
Shirt: New Look Inspire | Skirt: Modcloth (get it here) | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (get it here) | Necklace: Black Heart Creatives via Etsy (get it here)

When I wear any shade of red, it doesn't matter what form, I feel x10 better and sure of myself! I've learned from speaking to other people that it is also a colour that some people avoid wearing because it does draw a lot of attention to oneself. To me, there is something about the colour red that exudes confidence. Sometimes, I am a bit soft spoken (although it depends where you catch me, I tone down my personality at work to be honest), but at least I can show some of my true personality with what I am wearing.

I think of fire when I think of red, and people close to me have said I do have a firey personality which is fine by me. I do love me some fire... it's my favourite element. Plus, fire smells good when it's in bonfire form.

I decided to complete the look by adding my bitchy necklace. I am after all a fat bitch, haha. Seems fitting!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sushi Bowl Recipe

People who know me well enough know that I love sushi - but it's so expensive! We're trying to cut back on spending on going out to expensive restaurants so we decided to take a crack at making sushi at home and it is much better on our wallets. I've been making rolls every week and our sushi cravings are satisfied.

This sushi bowl recipe is inspired by "chirashi" and it is essentially raw fish on top of sushi rice. Sometimes people will have egg or other stuff, but we went without it. We had sashimi grade salmon in the fridge we needed to use up quickly, and I was feeling tired and did not want to go and roll a bunch of sushi rolls for 2 hours so I decided to just throw in all of our ingredients in a bowl and call it a day. Taste-wise, a grand success!

This is not a tight-budget friendly recipe. But if you frequent sushi joints and want to save money this is a good way to do so. We usually pay over $40 for a sushi date because Gab and I have huge appetites, and that $40 for one meal adds up.

To break down the price, ingredients cost about less than $20! The scallops were $5 for a generous portion (and we only used half of them!), cooked shrimp was $6 for a huge bag, salmon fillets were $4-5 each, imitation crab is $2, tobiko was $3, and since I have sushi rice already at home it didn't really cost me anything - unless if you really want to crunch numbers, a huge sack of calrose rice is $10, and we used only 1 cup. Anyway, I'll stop talking about the cost and get right to the recipe.

"Chirashi" Sushi Bowl Recipe

You can put whatever you want in these! Here's what we used for both our bowls. On the left bowl is "Volcano Mix", a special request Gab had asked because he loves volcano rolls at sushi restaurants - they contain scallops, tobiko, sriracha, cream cheese, Japanese mayo, and chopped crab.

Elevator Fun Times

My vanity and narcissism (obviously, duh) is a bit much I must admit. Sometimes at school, I purposely take the longer way around just so I can take pictures of my outfits on the only elevator that has a full-length mirror. And it isn't even a good mirror as you can see, there's full of nicks and scratches on the glass! I use the mirror to take outfits when I work over 8 hours, can't get decent pictures at home because of whatever reason (be it weather, time of day, and the lighting). These are older pictures if you have seen them on my Instagram account but I felt like sharing here. 

By the way, these pictures were taken in the winter/spring. It's nice to see the gradual changes in my hair and my choice of footwear, haha.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Behind the market

Outfit details:
Top: New Look Inspire | Skirt: ASOS Curve (similar here and here) | Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters (similar here) | Watch: ASOS Curve (get it here) | Necklace: Torrid | Lipstick: Clinique Chubby Stick in Mighty Maraschino (get it here)

Okay. This picture is making me laugh because you can see how uncomfortable I look. WELL, it was nearing the end of the day and I didn't want to miss an opportunity for a photo opportunity for the blog. So I made Gab take a picture of me behind the Korean market we frequent. We needed to buy some ingredients/groceries/kimchi. Anyways, I wanted him to hurry up! I was scared of people seeing me -- especially where I was getting a little "photo shoot" behind a grocery store. Classy, I know. I know I'm a weirdo but I still can't get past the awkwardness when people see me getting my pictures taken, it's especially worse when it's in a public place.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Outfit details:
Top: ASOS Curve (get it here) | Skirt: ASOS (similar here) | Sandals: Dorothy Perkins (similar here) | Bag: Zatchels (get it here) | Watch: ASOS Curve (get it here)

Black, white, red. These colours are like a safety blanket to me. When I'm in a style rut, I always seem to pair these colours together! Even if it's black and white, a red lip completes the look. There's just something about this combination that makes me feel confident, I don't know.

Unfortunately I have to keep the red lip toned down at work. I recently got a job at an organisation where the dress code, including makeup, has to be a tad toned down - I still do it sometimes, other women do it too so I am not a rule breaker! At least not yet, haha. Anyway, for those who are sick of seeing my Zatchels bag in my outfit photos, the reason why I have it with me 24/7 because it's my work bag.

So, I took this picture in the morning but when I got to work I had to put on some lipstick. I don't have a photograph unfortunately but I wore a matte red lip from Lime Crime, their Velvetines line - and before I get scolded on using Lime Crime because of their business reputation -- go Google it (because I don't really want to go into it here) -- I got it from a swap, okay! I wish I took a picture but by the time I got home it was raining and yeaaaaah, no good for pictures.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shapeless, shameless

Outfit Details
Dress: ASOS (get it here) | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Zatchels (get it here) | Watch: ASOS (get it here) | Necklace: Torrid

Style-wise, there are three things I love in this world: stripes, red lips, and shapeless stuff. As a fat person I've read it all on magazines and various articles that fat women shouldn't wear shapeless stuff and that we should emphasize on having a waist and showing off our curves. Now, I'm not ashamed of my body shape by any means but I love wearing shapeless clothing and I really dislike wearing bodycon stuff. The latter because I don't like the feeling of constriction. Shapeless loose things make me feel free and comfortable. I've always liked the way I looked with fabric draping down my body without hugging anything at all. It may not be everybody's cup of tea but that's what I like - ain't no shame in that!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

#throwbackthursday "Black Hair"

You may have seen some of my outfits on Instagram. I am making the decision to post my outfit posts (although reposts for some people) because I want to archive my outfits. While I love Instagram, there is some uncertainty in the future if my pictures will stay there forever (OK, I know nothing leaves the internet once it's there, ALMOST), but seeing as how my pictures from MySpace and Friendster (lol) all the way back then got deleted I can never be too safe. I even save my old pictures from Facebook on an SD card because I know one day Facebook won't last forever... speaking of which I got to develop those so I at least have physical copies of my memories.

Because it is still Thursday I thought it would be fun to do a nice throwback to my old outfits and my old hair. Sometimes I fantasize about dyeing my hair back to black/dark brown because it's easier and less expensive that way but then I just laugh at the idea because I LOVE BEING BLONDE. During my time away from the blog I did a lot of self-reflection and I wanted to reinvent myself -- what I felt on the inside did not reflect how I felt about myself on the outside.

Anyway here are some pictures of my outfits with me and my dark shorter hair. I'll go back to dark eventually but I am having way too much fun being a blonde. Speaking of which I am in need of a re-touch...

Outfit Details:
Dress: ASOS (get it here) | Necklace: Torrid | Bag: Zatchels (get it here) | Boots: New Look

I really love this dress. For those who are hesitant on getting it -- do it! It's on sale and the fabric is thick and stretchy. For any stripe addict it is a MUST (there is an ongoing theme as you will see with my future blog posts). 

Outfit Details:
Shirt underneath: New Look Inspire (similar here) | Sweater: Thrifted | Skirt: ASOS (similar print here, similar type of skirt here) | Necklace: Torrid | Bag: Vintage Coach | Shoes: Bass (get it here)

I love this outfit. I've been wearing variations of this outfit during spring, autumn, and winter. Seeing this picture makes me nostalgic because it was taken at my moms house where we used to live. Gab and I moved out in October and what we miss most is having a gigantic yard and a huge garden full of veggies. 

Outfit Details:
Top: ASOS (similar here) | Skirt: New Look Inspire (similar here) | Belt: ASOS | Bag: HM | Shoes: Bass

I also wear a variation of this outfit all the time, oops. I just love pairing stripes with skater skirts.

Back under a different name

After deliberating for a while I decided to keep my blog and not move it to another medium such as Wordpress. Being technologically inept, I don't think I could handle it. Instead my blog name is now GazelMa and from this day forward if my blog is to be accessed it will be via!

I'm glad to be back blogging. To be honest, I never quit in the first place. If you follow me on my Instagram (and if you don't, you should if you wanna see pictures of my food and dogs, but mostly my dogs because they're absolutely ADORABLE, haha) I post outfit pictures already. While I love Instagram of course, there's some limitations such as not being able to write to your hearts content and let the pictures do the talking. I for one missed writing on a blog and I would like to get into the habit of writing about whatever. I'm hoping that from this day forward that I post a lot more - this is my goal. I'm not as busy right now and I missed the blogging scene to be honest. I miss having a space that is just mine.

What will be new on on this blog? During my absence on this blog I've changed my style. I think that is one noticeable change. My clothing, my hair (love being a blonde!), and how I do my makeup. Speaking of makeup, I've become addicted to that lately, and people in my life aren't as enthusiastic about makeup as I am, so the blog would be a great medium for me to gush about my favourite products and such.

I've also made the decision to keep (most) old blog posts because it is... me. Maybe except the really cringe-worthy posts I will be keeping everything intact!